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3 Tips to an Inspired and Happy Life Every Day

How often do you drift off thinking about a disappointment in the past, or something bad that might happen in the future? How often do you have a problem that you can’t take your mind off of? Do you have goals in life, but don’t know how to get there? We feel stressed, frustrated, and afraid because we don’t have full control over what happens to us and that makes us feel anxious and helpless. We all face negative thoughts like these and the fear of uncertainty, every day.

There is a way to live happily and joyfully with inspiration every day no matter what kind of predicament we face. It begins with creating a heavenly calm within your mind and believing in the potential of your true self to guide you through worries, hardships, and your everyday life to achieve your dreams and goals. Here are three tips that will help you access your inner voice who will guide you to fulfilling your unique place in the world.

1. Free Your Mind from Worries and Negative Thoughts

Worries and negative feelings like anxiety, fear, and anger are the most common things that disrupt our inner peace and calm. Our minds feel more like a storm than the heavenly and tranquil sunshine we want. The key to freeing our mind of worries and negative thoughts is to accept our problems wholeheartedly for the positive purpose they hold rather than expect our circumstances to change. The wisdom we gain through facing our problems and difficulties with courage build our inspirations for living with deeper happiness. The most valuable life lessons that nourish our spirit throughout our lives and help create a bright future are so often the ones we gain through hardships and failures.

2. Create a Habit of Quietude and Reflection

So on days and nights when fear and negative emotions keep our minds occupied, the key is to be with them in reflection, in complete solitude and quietude. Talking, watching tv and movies, or listening to music drown out our fear and emotions just temporarily. They usually rise up again later. Practice being alone with what’s in your mind in complete silence. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge that the negative emotions are there and to see them as they are. Knowing what is within us is the first and crucial step to letting them go and opening ourselves to joyful inner peace. When you recognize a negative thought come up, have the strong will to let it go and allow positive and constructive thoughts to crowd them out. If the problem that’s causing them can be solved right away, then you’ve found your solution. If there’s no answer in immediate sight, then believe in your ability to learn from this situation and keep on with a positive attitude. As you sort through these thoughts one by one and decide how to handle them, you’ll feel your mind becoming calmer and your body feeling lighter.

3. Believe In the Voice of Your True Self, The Inner Angel Inside You

Quiet reflection is a powerful way of building inner strength through self-knowledge. As this habit becomes a part of you that you can do it almost unconsciously, the more you’ll become in tune with your inner voice. The voice of the true self within you is your inner angel. It knows you more than anyone else and is always guiding you toward your happiness. Whether you’re facing family or relationship problems, a difficult situation at your job, a failure or setback, an illness, setting career goals, or preparing for an exam or a competition, the consistent calm you create within your mind will open your ears to heavenly guidance within you. In the midst of pain and difficulties, it can feel impossible to believe in the divinity within you. But this is when our strength is tested to believe in the heaven above that is connected to the core of our being inside us. Creating a heaven of peace and positivity within you will keep strengthening your access to the answers and advices of the true you.

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