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4 Tips for Making Your Dream Come True

Happy New Year! At the beginning of the New Year, many of you are probably determined to make this year a special one. As you make your New Year’s resolution, it’s important that you think about your dream and set clear goals to achieve your dream. Your dream is the key to opening a bright future. Here are some helpful tips for you to not only keep your New Year’s resolution, but also to make your dream come true.

1. Dream Big

Whether consciously or not, we move closer toward achieving our dreams. If you want to open a bright future, you need to have a dream. And more importantly, you need to dream big because you can only achieve what you’ve dreamed of.

What is your biggest dream?

2. Make constant efforts to achieve your dream

The key to realizing your dream is how much effort and devotion you put in to realizing your dream. You need to ask yourself, “What can I do to make this dream come true?” and put it into action.

What can you do today, this week, this month, and this year, in order to move one step closer to achieving your dream?

3. Set Goals

In order to achieve your dream, you need to set clear goals. First, set yourself long-term goals; Next, medium-term goals; Then, short-term goals.

What are the goals that you want to achieve 10 years from now, 3 years from now, and a year from now?

4. Finding your dreams

If you can’t think of any dreams or goals you want to achieve right now, try to develop new interests and passions while trying to be constantly aware of your potential. What you take interests in and what you experience, even if they don’t seem to have a direct connection with your future career now, will eventually become useful to you later in one form or another.

What interests you now? What kind of new experiences would you like to have this year?

By thinking about these four things, we hope that you make a fresh start this year and get one step closer to realizing your dream!

The above information is based on Chapter 1 of Think Big! by Ryuho Okawa.