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Accomplishing Outstanding Work

Accomplishing outstanding work starts with identifying large, medium and small-size objectives. I’m sure everyone with a job wants to get better at what they do and achieve something of value, whether it be part-time or full-time. The idea that helped me do this was to identify large, medium and small-size objectives or purposes of my work. Let me take you through these items to help you succeed in your work, using myself as an example.

To set a large-size objective, think about what the main purpose of the company or business you work for is. Or, you could think of it as the chief mission of your company. In my case, I currently work as a staff member of Happy Science, which is a religious organization based in Japan. So my large-size objective would be to contribute to fulfilling the main mission of religion, which is to provide hints and peace of mind to people who seek answers to their life’s problems, and to help create a world filled with people who love God.

A medium-size objective should be in line with the goal of the department or section you work in, for example, payroll section, sales department, etc. The department I work for is called International Editorial Division, and the main responsibility here is to translate and publish Master Ryuho Okawa’s lectures in the form of a book, release his lecture videos with subtitles to foreign Happy Science temples, publish his educational texts and monthly magazines in English, just to name a few. So my medium-size objective is to provide the teachings of Truths, in English, in order to nurture passionate members around the world who can contribute to fulfilling the mission of religion—to help and guide many people to happiness.

By making a habit of identifying and fulfilling these three objectives, you will be able to do outstanding work, regardless of your job type. As long as you establish this habit and always keep in mind what each objective means to you, you will be able to succeed at whatever you do, whether you are still new or experienced. I wish you all a great success at work!

To improve your work performance, create your own objectives list with the following worksheet:

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