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Be Happy With What You Have

In real life, family happiness doesn’t always work the way it’s idealized on TV and movies. Marriage and children can sometimes be much more challenging than we ever anticipated. When you’ve given your marriage everything you have to make it work, and feel like giving up, take a step back. Because there is a sure way to be a happy you right now.

Do the negative feelings you have for your spouse come from your real heart? Have you been comparing your spouse to a picture of a perfect person that may not actually exist in real life? Or have you been comparing your family to someone else’s?

Chances are that the perfect family in your imagination are going through challenges of their own. And the families that you found ordinary and uninspiring may have something wonderful and extraordinary. Even though you may be filled with anger, frustration, resentment, or disappointment right now, you may have just forgotten all of the good and wonderful aspects of your spouse.

We may be attracted to other people because they have traits that our spouses don’t, and we may believe that more money, possession, fame, and status will make us happier. But the question is: Will it really? Chasing after the things that we believe are essential to our happiness won’t always give us real happiness. If you want real happiness, you can have it right now, by being happy with what you have.

Be grateful

There are plenty of blessings we’ve been given already. We were given today to live. The sun is still shining high in the sky. The sun has never stopped rising every morning, and it won’t stop tomorrow or the day after. The planet is still in one piece and there is food on the table. These are all essential parts of our happiness that God has given us that we can be deeply grateful for.

Be a happy family

Raising children and creating a happy family together steadily over the course of several decades is a great happiness. Your family’s happiness is something you can protect. Don’t let your family break apart.

Be happy with your life

The family and occupation you chose are valuable spiritual lessons in your life. Everything may not be perfectly the way you imagined it would be, and other families and occupations may seem more ideal to you, but can you change everything? The answer is most likely: No. So embrace your special life for what it is and give each of your life assignments your best effort. You may be surprised to find development and prosperity waiting for you when you resolve in your heart to give your life your best.

Be happy with what you have. You’ll discover that this is the ultimate secret to happiness.

Consider this: When was the last time you felt anger, frustration, resentment, disappointment, anxiety, worry, or any negative feelings for your spouse? Try to remember what happened and all the thoughts and feelings that crossed your mind.

Try this: Ask yourself: Did these thoughts and feelings come from my real heart? Try to remember all the characteristics of your spouse that you fell in love with and list up his / her good points that you discovered through your marriage. Next, close your eyes and imagine creating a happy family together. Then, write a thank you letter from your heart about the things you discovered, and share your dreams of creating a happy family together.