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Believing in Yourself

Having self-assurance can sometimes be very difficult, especially during vulnerable times of sorrow, adversity, and suffering. We start to see ourselves negatively, and fall into the trap of thinking over and over about our mistakes, failures, and how bad or sinful a person we are. But don’t give up on being a happy you. It is never too late or too difficult to build self-assurance and self-confidence, no matter what your past has been like.

Our past may have been filled with many ups and downs, twists and turns, suffering, and things we are ashamed of. We may have ended up hurting people. There may have been times when we didn’t know the right thing to do. But take away this part of your past and take a good look at yourself. Without mistake, you will find a shining part of you.

No matter what kind of past you had, there is a part of you that lived with all you could, that was honest with yourself, and that stayed true to your heart. There was also a part of you that was of help and support to others.

Self-assurance comes from realizing that you weren’t all that bad after all. Every day, discover the shining parts of you that are loved by God. Stop believing that you will disappoint yourself again. Stop being afraid of being hurt or betrayed by your friends, family, or God.

Instead, it’s time to believe in yourself and start trusting everything in this world that God created. You are a child of God and God will never give you a hardship just to make you suffer. With this shift in your mindset, you will see that unhappy things were not truly unhappy. They were all nutrients for a better and happier you.

Consider this: Have you gone through mistakes, failures, or setbacks in the past that deeply disappointed yourself, friends, or family? What were some of the things you regretted doing or not doing?

Try this: If you notice yourself starting to relive these moments over and over in your head, you may become filled with negative emotions such as fear, disappointment, regret, sorrow, distrust, worry, anxiety, anger, resentment, and frustration, take a step back. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine the waves of these emotions gradually become subdued. Forget your regrets and imperfections and focus on the you that lived with all you could, that was honest with yourself, and that helped and supported others. Look for these shining aspects within you that is loved by everyone. Find something new every day, and watch it grow into self-confidence.