Boulder Book Store Event

On October 8th, James Iwase hosted a book seminar on The Miracle of Meditation at Boulder Book Store, an independent book seller located in Downtown Boulder, Colorado that hosts year-round events featuring renowned authors and publishers. IRH Press is grateful to the Boulder Book Store team for their gracious support in hosting and promoting this event.

Boulder Book Store is located in a bustling area in Downtown Boulder, Colorado with many tourists and visitors.
The Miracle of Meditation prominently exhibited at Boulder Books Store.
Boulder Book Store has a healthy selection of books pertaining to spirituality, religion and psychology.
Boulder Book Store was very supportive and prominently displayed a selection IRH Press books and our event information throughout the store.
Greeter and culinary artisan Ms. Ono, lending a hand to seed interest in the seminar.
Ms. Ono distributing flyers and leading guests to the second-floor meeting space.
James Iwase introducing his enlightened guests to The Miracle of Meditation.