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Choosing Your Parents in Heaven

Parents and children have a deep spiritual connection. With few exceptions, most children are born to their particular pair of parents with good reason. According to author and spiritual leader Ryuho Okawa, the most common case is that they have been family members in past lives, and this accounts for about 60 to 70% of all births. Another common reason is that the child wants to inherit specific characteristics or skills from a parent in order to carry out a mission on Earth. In the third type of situation, a guiding spirit chooses parents for the child. Of course this will be done based on a good reason, but indecisive souls are often matched with suitable parents in order to be born on Earth.

In any case, souls need to have similar spiritual vibration in order for them to dwell in their mother’s womb. So in most cases, children and parents have similar tendencies and personalities. In this sense, children are like mirrors to their parents. By taking care of their children, parents can actually learn about themselves.

It is very rare that the parent-child relationship is created by chance. You chose your parents just as your children chose to born as your children. Parental relationship is part of the spiritual training you go through in this world, and the problems that arise between parents and children are part of your workbook that was assigned to you before you were born.

Consider this: We all chose our parents before we are born.

Try this: Contemplate why you chose your parents, and what kind of spiritual ties you may have with your children.

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