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Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

Perhaps you have a sense of your life’s purpose, or maybe you are still wondering how to discover your life’s purpose. We may feel off track sometimes, but we should not spend our time on Earth without any purpose, distracted by worldly influences. Everything that happens, although not always idyllic, can lead us to knowing what our purpose in life is. In this world, we all take a journey of self-discovery to gain wisdom. Our journey through this life is training our soul.

You may have come across the idea that human beings are born into this world at random. However, we are never thrown into this world accidentally. We always set up a purpose and a mission for each lifetime before we are born. We were born on this Earth of our own free will. With the guidance of higher spirits, we made the best choices for refining our souls. Although the environment we all live in sometimes may not seem the best, but it was the result of our choices. In the same way, our lives, future, and everything else hinges on the choices that we all make daily.

Buddhism accepts the idea of reincarnation, the idea that we have many lives on Earth. We were born into the circumstances and times that best suited the purpose of your our spiritual development. So, unless we learn everything we can in this life, you we are wasting precious time. Each incarnation is a precious opportunity to gain experience and wisdom.

You chose to be born in this world for the purpose of training your soul. Awakening to this truth will completely change your view of life and greatly affect the course of your life. You will find that the more you discover of your life’s purpose, the more you can make your life valuable.

Consider this: Do you live with the idea that this world is a training ground and do the best you can to rise spiritually? Or do you just aimlessly get through each day.

Try this: Mediate and ask your guiding spirit to remind you of what your life’s plan was.

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