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Do You Believe in Guardian Angels?

Have you ever wondered why there is no clear proof of another world? It seems more sensible if we were provided the Truths of life in a way that gives us more certainty. This is a really good question, and believe it or not, there is an answer that will completely change the way you see the world.

Have you ever thought of a great idea and wondered where it came from? Or faced a problem that you thought you would never be able to solve, but found the answer by some serendipitous coincidence? Well, these may have come from the help of angels in Heaven who are constantly trying to help us make the right decisions in life.

But we can’t speak with, hear, or see these angels because life would be difficult and confusing if we knew that our every thought and action were being watched over or if we could hear many angels giving us all sorts of advice. Imagine yourself in line at a deli waiting to order your sandwich and all the other customers giving you suggestion of which sandwiches are the best. You would have a difficult time making a decision. So instead, we possess something even more special: free will and responsibility.

Each of us is given a special workbook made just for us and we are responsible for thinking through and making our own decisions. This workbook was designed to help us grow with each problem we solve. And instead of having angels giving advice directly to us, there are sources of Truths and spirituality around us everywhere, such as religions, that offer self-empowering wisdom that help us solve them through effort.

Consider this: Do you have a big problem or worry that feels too difficult for you to solve on your own?

Try this: Declare to yourself out loud, “Every problem I encounter is given to me because I can solve them,” and pray to your guardian spirit to help you find the wisdom, people, and opportunities that will lead you to the solution. Then, read a book, watch a video, or go to an event that you feel will inspire you with constructive and positive insights. You just might find clues there!

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