Trump, the New George Washington?

During the 8 years of Obama administration, the United States has gone through many changes, some good and some bad. Most notably, at least on a global level, the United States’ move to gradually withdraw from its role as the World Police has had a devastating effect on the international order. The Middle East is now in greater chaos, North Korean and Chinese military expansion has become unstoppable, and President Obama’s great emphasis on human rights has turned the Philippines away from the United States.

Americans also face many domestic issues such as gun control, financial deficit, terrorism, and illegal immigrants, just to name a few. Whether America can overcome these issues and unite as one nation is all up to the next president.

It is often hard to tell what someone is really thinking, especially when we are constantly surrounded by media reports that we have no way of verifying the authenticity of. And when making an important decision like choosing the leader of the most powerful country in the world, I’m sure we all wish we knew what’s really in the minds of the candidates. Ryuho Okawa, spiritual leader, author, and a visionary, made this possible for us with the spiritual interviews he has conducted with many of the world’s important figures. In chapter 3 of the most recent book he has published, The Trump Secret: Seeing Through the Past, Present, and Future of the New American President, Master Okawa speaks with the spirit, or the soul, of George Washington who says that he is now born as Donald Trump with the intention to remake and rebuild America, so that he can “make America great again.”

I know you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, right.” But with so much at stake, you won’t lose anything by reading what George Washington has to say about what he thinks would be best for America. And just for your information, this is only one of the 600 spiritual interviews Ryuho Okawa has conducted, in front of a live audience. He has conducted spiritual interviews with such historical figures as President Vladimir Putin, Harry S. Truman, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Xi Jinping, Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates. And no one, not even the most talented actor, would be able to mimic 600 people with different personalities and characters, not to mention speak their real thoughts. So why not keep an open mind and read this book before making your decision?

The Trump Secret is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and major bookstores nationwide.

The Trump Secret

Seeing Through the Past, Present, and Future of the New American President

The Trump Secret is a series of lectures and interviews that unveil the secrets to Trump's victory and makes predictions of what will happen under his presidency. #TrumpSecret