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Facing Difficulties with a Positive Attitude

There is something that is common to everyone and everyone wants to get better at coping with: having difficulties in life. It’s not easy being positive and calm when there’s a problem that is significantly affecting our lives.

The first step to being positive in difficult times is to reflect on our state of mind. How are we facing this problem right now? It’s difficult for our minds to be calm and positive when our emotions are focused on the problem as a problem. We feel overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, angry, or depressed because we don’t have full control of a situation that is making us feel miserable and unhappy. We wish we can change it, but we don’t know how to and that makes us feel helpless.

So when we have a difficult time being positive about a difficult situation, it’s like a reminder that our minds are sending us to be present again with our minds. Is this problem really just a problem? Is this difficulty really just a difficulty? Is this illness just an illness? Is this conflict with our spouse or friend really just a conflict?

If we think about it, this isn’t the first problem we’ve ever faced in life. We’ve gone through multitudes of them, large and small. And each time, we came out of it stronger than before. And each time, it taught us something valuable about life, people, and the world we live in. We’re who we are today because of all these struggles and challenges.

So this problem we’re facing right now has a purpose beyond the external and physical, beyond the pain and struggle. It’s another opportunity for our inner selves to grow as people and to make our lives fuller. There’s a spiritual happiness that is nurtured within ourselves through the growth and strength we achieve with every one of these experiences, that moves us one step closer to the positive life.

As it turns out, difficult situations aren’t external at all. They’re completely created by our minds, our perceptions. And this inner world, is completely within our control.