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Faith in the Universal Truths Will Unify the World

As the world population keeps growing toward ten billion, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to reach a consensus, especially when they have different ideas, opinions, and perspectives. How can we solve the ever-increasing conflict of opinions, and bring peace on Earth while protecting people’s rights to pursue their happiness?

As we protect fundamental human rights, we must do so by treating humans as scared beings. Not because the law that they created said so, nor because they can create and use tools unlike animals. Humans are sacred because they are children of God. Human beings must be guaranteed freedom and dignity because they are children of God. This is the basis of human rights.

As children of God, we can produce new inventions and change the world for the better. With the power of our will, we can write the future. This is the proof that human beings are children of God.

In the world beyond this world, the light of the universal Truths is always shining like the North Star. Although this light is beyond the reach of humans, we must keep on pointing toward the true north, to the direction of the universal Truths. By believing in the sacred values of this unknown world – the world that transcends this one – we will be able to overcome our differences in opinion, ideology, belief, race, skin color, or language, and unite as one.

“We must never forget that
Beyond the issues of this material world,
We are all one as children of God.

We must break free from today’s conventional beliefs,
And take courage to live in the Truth.

I ask you to be strong,
To seek the Truths,
And to have courage to pursue,
Explore, and practice them.
Do not give in
To the darkness that tries to conceal the Truths.”

―Ryuho Okawa, Secrets of the Everlasting Truths