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Shakyamuni Buddha’s Future Prediction

The book, Shakyamuni Buddha’s Future Prediction, is the latest entry of Spiritual Interviews Series related to the coronavirus published by World Teacher and Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa. The book includes spiritual messages with Shakyamuni Buddha and John Lennon (a branch spirit of Jesus Christ*), as well as messages from the Messiah class of high-level space beings Metatron and Yaidron. It is truly a special experience to receive insights from multiple Heavenly and space beings in one book, as this allows for us to experience the differing perspectives of these beings and observe the manner in which they interrelate.

Shakyamuni Buddha's Future Prediction

This book contains messages from the spirits of Shakyamuni Buddha and John Lennon who warn of the troubles that await humankind that require us to reflect on the arrogance of belittling God in the age of pandemic and secularism.

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Shakyamuni Buddha affirms from the onset that humanity is at a point in time where it will have no choice but to live with a greater awareness of death. The overly-materialistic nature of humanity is being targeted by forces of destruction right now, just as ancient civilizations who became imbalanced in such a manner underwent destruction. It is implied that there are forces working to reduce the global human population, which has become too large. Shakyamuni Buddha specifically informs us that we are now living in a “World ruled by death”.

Shakyamuni Buddha states that if humanity can achieve a state of utopia, the global population will continue to grow. However, if humanity continues to create a hellish atmosphere, the population must be made to decrease. It is stated that now is the last chance for humanity to change its direction. He explains that although there may be some truth to the coronavirus being a “Divine punishment”, it is also a self-inflicted punishment catalyzed by the behavior of modern humans. Shakyamuni goes on to discuss the importance of spreading faith and religion throughout the world, as well as the practice of thoroughly knowing oneself as being of the utmost importance. It is also stated that a third religious position beyond Christianity and Islam must now arise as a world religion; Happy Science is precisely suited to this task.

John Lennon expresses early in his spiritual interview that the purpose of the coronavirus is to reduce the human population. He believes that God and Heaven are mandating the coronavirus for this purpose, although Shakyamuni Buddha did not entirely agree with this point. John Lennon envisions a world coming in which there is peace and people live primitively. Overall, he presents a very pessimistic view about the present existence of humanity in this world and believes that humans should simply strive for nirvana and refrain from reincarnating into this world. He believes that now is the time for much of humanity to die off due to their failures in maintaining faith and a positive sense of order in civilization.

What follows are two spiritual messages from the Messiah class high-level space beings Metatron and Yaidron, both of whom appeared as UFOs in the night sky and communicated with Ryuho Okawa telepathically. Metatron states outright that he is working to create miracles in the world that will strengthen people’s faith in God. He likewise states that we needn’t worry, and that Happy Science will spread like a virus throughout the world. Metatron also emphasizes the importance that Happy Science grows to ten times its present size. Yaidron reaffirms a statement that Shakyamuni Buddha said earlier that day: the faith that humanity has in God must be far greater than the faith humanity has in a bat-borne virus. Yaidron explains that he and others like him are showing themselves to humanity now because this is a time of immense crisis, and they are here to protect and guide humanity. He affirms that beings like him have long been mistaken for Gods but are in fact highly evolved beings who were created by God in the same manner that humanity was.

It is made evident that Shakyamuni Buddha’s Future Prediction revealed many of the true thoughts of El Cantare, the True God. Although this book is filled with dire warnings and an air of almost-apocalyptic intensity, it does provide a light in the midst of the darkness. Despite some differing views between the beings interviewed, one commonality is that faith alone is powerful enough to help humanity through these challenging times. The concluding words of the book are by Ryuho Okawa himself, who states, “Entrust your life, not to a cloth mask, but faith in God;” in the midst of a cacophony of media today, no words are more relevant than these for this time.

* Refer to John Lennon’s Message from Heaven by HS Press 2020