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Developmental Stages of Love

World Teacher Ryuho Okawa has just surpassed 3,000 publications, an astounding achievement that no other person in human history has accomplished. When such success is witnessed, one cannot help but wonder how it comes to fruition. What is at the root of Okawa’s drive to achieve such outstanding attainments?

Developmental Stages of Love - The Original Theory

This revolutionary philosophy, developmental stages of love, promotes the idea of uniting love and enlightenment, West and East, and bridges Christianity and Buddhism. It is also the starting point of his numerous teachings that forged the basis of the global utopian movement, Happy Science.

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As The Developmental Stages of Love -The Original Theory: Philosophy of Love in My Youth makes evident, a pervasive emphasis upon love has been central to Ryuho Okawa’s mission since his early days. Written from the age of 25 to 28, this book serves as the foundation for The Laws of the Sun, which itself serves as the foundation for all subsequent Happy Science teachings.

Love is a concept that many of us take for granted. We often use the word “love” frivolously, and sometimes selfishly. The truth is that love is complex and exists in numerous forms. There exist progressive stages of love, just as there are stages of enlightenment, and these are intertwined even in the Heavenly Dimensions.

The Developmental Stages of Love integrates elements of Buddhism and Christianity. Like Buddhism, there are stages of growth achieved through personal development. Like Christianity, there is an emphasis upon forgiveness as being an important key to developing one’s capacity for “love that gives”, the foundation of love as God intended it. All of this is nonetheless presented in the unique manner of the teachings of Happy Science, which integrates and transcends all prior religions in order to deliver the teachings necessary for the modern age.

One need only take a brief glance at the news to see that humanity is struggling with love. The poisons of anger, hatred, and jealousy have corrupted much of the collective human spirit, and as Ryuho Okawa shows us, these phenomena are often what prevent us from realizing the true monadic nature of love. The Developmental Stages of Love is not only a wonderful opportunity to take a step back from the negativity of the world and bear witness to the loving truth of creation, but it is also a body of teachings which are necessary for humanity to embrace in order to experience true progress and happiness within our lifetime.

Let’s learn the true meaning of love in all of its developmental stages, and work together to build a more benevolent civilization.