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The Sleeping Prophet: Readings by Edgar Cayce

Do you know the name “El Cantare?” Edgar Cayce knows it. In fact, his spirit believes that this name has unparalleled power to heal the world and prevent global catastrophes. If you are unfamiliar with Edgar Cayce, he was a famous psychic (clairvoyant) and healer in the US (1877-1945) who is commonly referred to as the “sleeping prophet,” due to the fact that he performed over 10,000 psychic readings in his lifetime, all while in a sleep-like state of trance.

What Will Become of Coronavirus Pandemic?

On April 9, 2020, the Spirit of Edgar Cayce revealed to Ryuho Okawa that the Novel Coronavirus infection is likely to spread even further, but he also teaches effective ways to cope and deal with the encroaching global pandemic.

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About 100 years ago Edgar Cayce made many predictions and prophecies about the world. Many of them have come to fruition, and we are still waiting to discover whether certain catastrophic predictions will be averted or not. Although Cayce was a Christian, he firmly believed in the laws of reincarnation; such was due to his ability to perform past-life readings on clients, which revealed this dynamic that is largely absent in Christian scripture, or else is carefully veiled in symbolism.

In What Will Become of the Coronavirus Epidemic: Readings by Edgar Cayce, readers are treated to a rare return of the sleeping prophet in his spirit form. He shares his thoughts and concerns about the current state of the world and provides advice about how we can live better and make this world a better place. Ryuho Okawa, who conducted the spiritual interview with Cayce, is in fact visited by Cayce’s spirit regularly.

Cayce stated in his spiritual interview that the name “El Cantare”, when spoken with faith, is powerful enough to eliminate the coronavirus and even to shift the direction of humanity in a more benevolent fashion. With this considered, should we not come to know and share this name as much as possible?

Perhaps this is your first time hearing the name “El Cantare”. Naturally you would be curious about who this name signifies. Ryuho Okawa has revealed El Cantare to be the name of the Supreme God, or the Master of Masters of the terrestrial deities, which has been revealed to humanity for the first time in history. You can learn more about El Cantare in such books as The Laws of the Sun, and in many other works published by Okawa Books.

If you already know the name of El Cantare, and if you know the infinite power of healing and compassion that it holds, it is worth considering how you may help to bring greater awareness of it to the world. It may require some ingenuity and creativity on your part, but through faith all things are possible. If El Cantare has changed your life for the better, consider how you can bring El Cantare to the lives of others, and what impact this can have on the future of humanity.