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Christ’s Answers to the Coronavirus Pandemic

As part of the sequence of books addressing the covid-19 phenomenon, Jesus Christ’s Answers to the Coronavirus Pandemic provides valuable insights into this matter which continues to keep humanity in a state of uncertainty and suspense as concerns our health, economic future and the possibility for an outbreak of war.

Jesus Christ's Answers to the Coronavirus Pandemic

According to Jesus, the coronavirus pandemic is one of the apocalyptic phenomena planned for humans. A vaccine may not be immediately available, so people must rely on spiritual power to defeat the dark forces that act on this virus.

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At the onset of this book Jesus, as is mediated through Ryuho Okawa, provides an overview of the uncertainties concerning the origin of the novel coronavirus. It is stated that covid-19 has arisen due to a combination of man-made and natural forces, and the nature of viruses on their own is explained from the perspective of Jesus, in that the current behavior of the novel coronavirus is unusual for a virus. As geopolitical tensions are on the rise, the notion that China may be employing biological warfare is explored, and particularly in accordance with events in recent years that have escalated tensions between China and the US.

It is noted by Jesus that Christian nations in particular have been amongst the most impacted by covid-19, and it is implied that this is due to an attack on the faith of Christians that is intended to be a mockery on the behalf of certain malevolent spirits and space-people, particularly those which influence Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party. It is also emphasized that New York City, the most economically successful city in the world, was, at the time of writing, on a complete lockdown; such an event is with the potential consequence of imparting economic detriment to the Democratic world. Humanity is faced with a genuine existential threat if the West is weakened and China is able to gain hegemony over the world.

Jesus states quite clearly that humanity may be on the verge of an apocalypse by necessity of a grand transformation. As a Ninth Dimensional being, Jesus likewise states that He and other Ninth Dimensional spirits are exploring possible outcomes for how an apocalypse may come to pass. Information such as this is quite important for humanity to understand and be receptive to; it reveals that, although our species does play a role in the events that come to pass on earth, we are simultaneously part of something much vaster, and there are certain large scale events that are beyond our control. With that said, Jesus does indicate that the specific form in which the apocalypse may manifest will depend upon the actions of humans. Although at the present time biological warfare appears to be a catalyzing method, Jesus states that nuclear warfare may be a future consequence of this.

While discussing the Vatican and the current pope, Jesus states that the Vatican has, in essence, submitted to China and has accordingly become an enemy of the US and Western civilization. Jesus attributes corruption in the Vatican as being largely responsible for the perishing of both Catholicism and Protestantism. Jesus states that unless US President Trump fights back against China, there may be a victory for atheism against the faithful of the world. It is expressed that this is made difficult and complex in part because of the mass media, which at the present time has entered into a state of great corruption, and the dynamics of this are explored, such as their tendency to negatively brainwash citizens.

The strategy of the mass media is described as “hit and run” in that it would usually require years for legal courts to settle matters of corruption in the mass media, while the mass media itself propounds misleading information at a constant rate. Furthermore, Jesus states that the values held by the mass media are entirely unfaithful and stand against God, and compares the contemporary mass media to the Jewish rabbis that publicly denounced him during his time on earth in order to maintain their own power over public opinion. It has been a long tendency of those who hold sway over public opinion to devalue any new movement that comes into the world, as such movements, including Happy Science, can be seen as a threat to keeping the old status quo intact. Such a tendency is due to jealousy and fear for self-preservation.

Jesus discusses an important concept concerning jealousy, in that once enough people become jealous of the success of a person or organization, the jealous perspective in question becomes falsely perceived as “justice”. He explains that this dynamic is the essence of the god Yahweh. On the other hand, as Jesus explains, where there is a totalitarian nation, agents such as the mass media are unable to speak out against actual injustices, such as those in China and North Korea. Jesus states that the mass media probably enjoy creating freedom for themselves by destabilizing the government to some extent; this statement is profound in that it reveals the potential for danger that the mass media can present to humanity at any given time. Put simply, it is quite often undemocratic, and stands in opposition to spiritual and religious values. Ultimately, the media cannot be expected to be a friend to religions in the contemporary world.

Concerning the coronavirus, Jesus states that while we should celebrate those who have recovered as a result of the power of their mind and faith, we shouldn’t be quick to criticize those who are unable to recover as lacking faith. While miracles of healing should be appreciated, Jesus reminds us that miracles are miraculous because they don’t happen 100% of the time; if they did, there wouldn’t be anything miraculous about them, and they would be no different than material medicine. Jesus states that what is ultimately important is that faith nourishes the soul, rather than simply the body; material benefits may come from faith, but the majority of the power of faith is intended for the benefit of the soul.

It is not the length of a lifespan that matters most, but rather how the person has lived their life in terms of motivation, power of influence and spirituality. Nonetheless, because the nature of viruses are so simple, they are very much affected by thought, and where the power of thought is faithful, spiritual immunity is very possible. Humans must remember that they are the children of God and are vastly more powerful than any virus can possibly be. The spiritual science of Happy Science teaches the methods that accomplish this realization, and included in this is the spiritual dynamic of bringing the light of God into the body, so as to create a healing presence for oneself and others, as Jesus did while on earth.

Jesus explains that while many religions in the world are failing to embody the light of God due to corruption in their training, a lack of genuine faith, and a variety of other factors, Happy Science is experiencing miracles regularly in real time. The fact that in this book Jesus Christ is able to speak through Ryuho Okawa is in of itself a miracle that, as Jesus states, should be an incredible phenomenon for Japanese Christians. Just as the early Christians were able to accomplish miracles in accordance with their belief in the resurrection of Jesus, Happy Science members are likewise capable of manifesting miracles in accordance with their belief in the immortal soul that is our true self.

Following the extensive communication from Jesus Christ, the remainder of this book addresses the search for the real intentions of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Angela Merkel, of the UK and Germany respectively; the spiritual interview with the latter is of a considerably longer length, but it is notable that following the spiritual interview with the former, Prime Minister Boris Johnson recovered from the coronavirus. Many fascinating insights into these major world leaders are revealed, including their fears and honest concerns, as well as their connection with Happy Science. In both instances, it is implied that the nature of the coronavirus is that it is depriving humanity of freedom all throughout the earth; such is a reflection of the absence of freedom presently experienced by the citizens of China.

Jesus Christ’s Answers to the Coronavirus Pandemic is perhaps one of the most fascinating contributions to the Spiritual Interviews series to be published yet. It covers a broad range of topics including geopolitics, the covid-19, the power and dynamics of miracles, and communication with space people. It is highly recommended reading for those facing uncertainty in the face of the current pandemic and with the possibility that a third world war is underway, or has possibly already begun. In conclusion, continue to keep your faith strong and believe in the power of God and your immortal soul, as this will be the key to conquering these testing times.