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Lessons for Humankind

Okawa’s Lessons for Human Kind: Spiritual Messages from Shibasaburo Kitasato and R.A. Goal is the newest published installment of “The Novel Coronavirus Originated in China series” of Spiritual Interviews by World Teacher and Happy Science Founder Ryuho Okawa. This installment weighs heavily upon concepts such as geopolitical tensions, biological warfare, and provides an astounding overview of events that could be expected to take place in the near future. The messages were initially recorded during March of 2020 when the general populous of the world was just becoming aware of the coronavirus, and have now been translated into English.

Lessons for Human Kind

Shibasaburo Kitasato, a famed bacteriologist, gave his opinion on the coronavirus via a spiritual message that "The virus is likely to be man-made and used as a biological weapon. Eventually, the death toll will be astonishing." Learn what kind of mindset is needed to get through this pandemic era.

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For those who do not know, Shibasaburo Kitasato was a renowned Japanese bacteriologist who made great contributions toward the development of public health and medicine, including the discovery of the plague bacillus and the prevention of tuberculosis. The spirit of Kitasato reveals during his spiritual interview that he presently exists as a bodhisattva and is working with other scientific spirits upon that respective dimension.

Kitasato states that it is likely that China created more than one version of the coronavirus, a point that is expounded upon by R. A. Goal in the subsequent interviews. Concerning the usage of bats in the creation of this biological weapon, Kitasato believes that they are possibly the origin of the coronavirus, and that Chinese scientists may have concentrated the most lethal variations of viruses in order to create variable types. Kitasato implies that the person or people who made the virus would have been able to create a vaccine quite easily, however, it is likely that such scientists would have been made to disappear in order to destroy evidence.

It is noted that the coronavirus spread rapidly in Italy earlier this year following the arrival of Chinese doctors, which may be much more than a coincidence. Xi Jinping is referred to as the modern Ghengis Khan and it is implied that he would most certainly and without question utilize biological warfare as a means of conquering other nations. Furthermore, China would not think much of utilizing their own citizens as test subjects for the virus, which is evident by the viral outbreak in Wuhan; such is a danger always posed by the presence of an atheistic nation that does not value the lives of individual citizens. All in all, Kitasato appears quite convinced that the presence of the coronavirus is an act of viral warfare.

The second interview of the book is with R. A. Goal, a messianic space being from the planet Andalucia Beta in Ursa Minor. R. A. Goal, as stated earlier, is likewise with the belief that China created several variations of the coronavirus in order to conduct biological warfare. Different strains would have been spread in different regions, and, as is stated in the interview, are likely still being spread. It is suggested that drones may be employed by China as a means to drop strains of the coronavirus in other nations at night and without any trace of evidence, and that other means of delivering the virus may be in use.

R. A. Goal discusses many geopolitical matters, including that the United States is working actively to discover evidence for the origin of the coronavirus as being synthesized in China. R. A. Goal believes that once this evidence is found, the US will likely launch an attack on China, perhaps utilizing missiles, and that this may happen as early as the final quarter of 2020. R. A. Goal likewise states that we may be in the midst of another world war, but that, like the Cold War, it may carry out and come to a conclusion without the general populace of the world becoming overtly aware of it.

It is emphasized that the sooner the US takes action against China as concerns the coronavirus, the better; China gains an advantage if action is withheld for a longer period. The Belt and Road Initiative of China is stated to be a critical component of their reason for utilizing the coronavirus, as they intend to gain hegemony over the world by deeply integrating themselves into the EU, Africa and the Middle-East, effectively surrounding the US-Great Britain alliance. Such an event would have a catastrophic impact upon the souls of humanity, however R. A. Goal states that he and other entities like him would likely intervene if such a plan were to come to fruition. It is also stated that the coronavirus was likely released prematurely and, accordingly, not in the precise manner that Xi Jinping had intended for his strategy.

R. A. Goal shares various criticisms of the current political administration in Japan, which endeavors to take a relatively pacifist role toward China and works to remain, in essence, a neutral force. It is clear that the time for being neutral has passed, and that we must all choose the right side in the battle against darkness. The dichotomy between Ryuho Okawa and Xi Jinping is described as being akin to the battle between Ahura Mazda and Ahriman and we are indeed in the midst of a battle between the forces of light and truth against the forces of darkness and evil. Concerning Japan, R. A. Goal states that it is a nation that must stop living as though it is still post-war times, and must become self-sufficient once again.

Concerning Happy Science, R. A. Goal states that it may not receive recognition in contemporary times but will likely be acknowledged in the future, and emphasizes the importance of missionary work that spreads the truth about the importance of faith and the detrimental nature of communism. R. A. Goal likewise states that it is important for people to continue stating openly that the coronavirus originated in China so as to perpetuate the association therewith: this will aid in the discovery and acknowledgement of the truth.

Later in the book it is indicated that Ryuho Okawa observed a UFO appear in the sky and come closer to the earth, and a picture is provided of this. R. A. Goal communicates additional messages from the UFO and fascinating details about the UFO are provided as the communication commences. During this portion of an interview with R. A. Goal, it is stated that space people are coming to earth to see El Cantare’s incarnation and to lend help to Happy Science in order to perpetuate democracy and religious victory in the world. Much needed messages of hope for the future are provided in this portion of the interview.

Overall, Lessons for Human Kind: Spiritual Messages from Shibasaburo Kitasato and R.A. Goal is an in-depth look at current events that are impacting all people on earth. The book contains many warnings, but also the hope that we can conquer the evil forces of the world through the power of faith and spreading the truth. It is an immensely important contribution to the coronavirus series of spiritual interviews and contains many insights that are to the benefit of all human beings in the world today.