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Rojin, Buddha’s Mystical Power

Have you ever had a supernatural experience? Perhaps several throughout your life? Can you honestly say that you understand the true context of those experiences? If you’re like most people, a spiritual experience can ultimately leave you with more questions than answers. Why is this?

Rojin, Buddha's Mystical Power

Rojin is one of Buddha's six divine supernatural powers: the ultimate ability to manage them all. Discover the secret of Ryuho Okawa who integrates these six mystical powers with common sense living. Learn how to develop and use Rojin to refine your soul and successfully manage your life.

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In Rojin, Buddha’s Mystical Power: Its Ultimate Attainment in Today’s World, author Ryuho Okawa explains that without rojin it can be difficult or impossible to thoroughly reconcile the spiritual with the material world. Rojin itself is one of the traditional supernatural powers possessed by Shakyamuni Buddha, and presently by Ryuho Okawa. Without rojin, we may still undergo spiritual experiences throughout our life, and even embody psychic abilities, but it is improbable that we will be able to contextualize such experiences and abilities or utilize them properly.

There are many psychics throughout the world but a closer look at them will often reveal certain flaws in their abilities. Many psychics may believe they are channeling certain spirits when they are not in reality doing so. Others may experience great difficulty in controlling their psychic abilities, which may function haphazardly or limitedly. Others still may struggle to reside in the material world and feel overwhelmed due to their heightened sensitivity, and may feel that they need to retreat into nature and become like sennin spirits (see The Laws of Secret, April 2021).

What rojin provides us is the means to control and understand any psychic phenomena that we may experience, and to live harmoniously with it. Ryuho Okawa serves as a perfect example of what is possible with the mystical power of rojin; as the most renowned psychic in the world, Okawa has conducted thousands of spiritual interviews which bear immense details about how the spirits view our world, and in the midst of existing in constant contact with the spiritual world, Okawa is able to act as the CEO of Happy Science and engage in a myriad of creative and worldly activities in a balanced fashion. What potential could the power of rojin unlock in your life?

Another aspect of rojin is that it vanquishes material desire. Do you ever find yourself struggling to manage your worldly desires? Do you often feel controlled, or even possessed, by them? In all likelihood, the answer is yes, as it is for most of us. It is through the power of rojin that we may learn to quench our material desires and live a spiritual life within the material world.

Rojin is a crucial element of Buddhism which serves as the backbone of enlightenment, and yet despite the many thousands of books about Buddhism available today, it is a topic that is seldom mentioned, if at all. Ryuho Okawa has not only delivered a masterful teaching about this most important mystical power, but he has done so in a manner that is written for people in the world today.

Get your copy of Rojin, Buddha’s Mystical Power and see for yourself what has been missing from your life. Together, we can all learn to reconcile the spiritual and material worlds, and as children of God, learn to live as we were always meant to.