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The Battle for Space Justice

Why is it that so many people feel that there is “something more” to the extensive lore of Star Wars? The answer may surprise you. The concept of light vs darkness and more are explored in Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirit of George Lucas and the Spirit of Carrie Fisher by Ryuho Okawa (HS Press Sep 2021), a new publication that is sure to be of interest to fans of science fiction, and fans of Star Wars in particular.

Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirit of George Lucas and the Spirit of ...

Today, a large totalitarian nation is aiming to take control of the world, while small democratic powers are trying to resist its attack. Similar battles have occurred for eons within the universe, and the Star Wars saga is a faithful account of historical lore.

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Those familiar with the Star Wars franchise, and particularly the films, know that there are some foundational concepts within them, such as the Force, the struggle between light and darkness, or good vs evil, and the presence of many types of space people.

Early in the publication, the spirit of Carrie Fisher discusses several topics including the true spiritual meaning of “Jedi,” the difference between light and darkness, as well as the state of mind that she assumed while acting in the role of “Princess Leia” who was also a Jedi according to her spirit. The spirit of Carrie Fisher also discusses what she is presently doing in Heaven, describes the nature of true leaders, and discloses information about space people.

The Force, as the guardian spirit of George Lucas explains, is in actuality the power that comes from God. It is akin to the Divinity that exists inside each one of us, and, through faith, is something that may be awakened and abided with. Throughout the Star Wars movies many miracles are depicted in accordance with the power of the Force, the power from God. With this considered, it is incredible to think of what faith in the power of God can bring into our own lives, and such is one reason that the Force was depicted in Star Wars.

The battle for Space Justice has been happening not only in the fictional world of movies but also in reality through the past, present, and future.

Ryuho Okawa, Preface

Throughout Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirit of George Lucas and the Spirit of Carrie Fisher, the guardian spirit of George Lucas reveals details about other spiritual teachings that are present in Star Wars, such as the path to mastery which is achieved in stages, the importance of overcoming fear and calming the mind, and the true meaning of the “lightsaber” that each of us wields in our mind as a tool for navigating decisions in our lives. Those who have studied Happy Science teachings may be surprised to see how aligned certain aspects of Star Wars are with Master Okawa’s teachings.

The guardian spirit of George Lucas also discusses a past incarnation relationship with Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrianism, an ancient religion that presented the spiritual teaching of light vs darkness or good vs evil. Within these spiritual interviews there are teachings that can help us to better understand our own life. What influence from past incarnations persists into our present life circumstances? What indications exist to help us determine this?

Is it possible that we ourselves have encountered the battle for Space Justice long ago, in a galaxy far, far away? This battle, which has been represented throughout history in religions such as Zoroastrianism, has been waged for a very long time, and we continue to be in the midst of it. Who are the Jedi of our present age? Who is the modern-day Dark Lord?

Interestingly, there is an additional spiritual interview besides that with Lucas and Fisher. Such is an interview with the guardian spirit of Leonardo Dicaprio who explores many fascinating concepts, one of which relates to one of his past lives in ancient Scandinavia which involved hunting and survival, themes depicted in one of his acting roles.

The theme of good vs evil or justice of the universe in this book is very much aligned well with an upcoming Happy Science animated film production, The Laws of the Universe – the Age of Elohim (Executive Producer and original story by Ryuho Okawa), a story based on a true event that took place on Earth 150 million years ago when God of the Earth, Elohim, was the Messiah of the Earth protecting the inhabitants on Earth from the the ruler of the dark side of universe (the film is coming to selected theaters in US and Canada from October 22, 2021). One incredible aspect of Happy Science movies is that they are made with full awareness of the spiritual teachings contained therein, and, unlike in other movies, the meaning is made clear and usually offers a message that is full of hope for the future.

Get your copy of Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirit of George Lucas and the Spirit of Carrie Fisher today and keep an eye out for The Laws of the Universe – the Age of Elohim, coming soon to theaters near you from October 22, 2021.