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Spiritual Messages from Metatron

We are living in times of crisis. We all know this to be true. The world is changing, and it is difficult to be certain of the future of Earth. At present, in the midst of uncertainties related to the novel coronavirus, rising geopolitical tensions, and anti-religious rhetoric, circumstances may often appear dark to those of us who are observant.

Spiritual Messages from Metatron

Metatron is one of the saviors of universe, who has guided the civilizations of many planets including Earth, under the guidance of Lord God. Such savior has sent a message upon seeing the crisis of Earth.

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There is, however, always a light in times of crisis. Religious texts and prophecies throughout history have indicated that the messiah will return at the darkest point in history to deliver new teachings and direction to humanity, and to conquer the evil that has promulgated darkness throughout the world.

The messiah has come, and El Cantare has incarnated in the physical form of Ryuho Okawa.

Imagine what it would have been like to be one of the original disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha or Jesus. Imagine the light that would enter your life. One would inevitably gain immense wisdom simply by being in the proximity of such beings and their teachings. We are blessed in that El Cantare offers us something even greater than the teachings of the past, a light brighter than any which has illuminated Earth throughout history. We have this opportunity today.

Spiritual Messages from Metatron: Light in the Times of Crisis is a new publication in which Metatron, one of the galactic messiah, a space being from ‘Planet Include’ from Sagittarius, a part of Jesus Christ’s space soul (Amor), and also one of the gods of Light once born in Mesopotamia about 6,500 years ago. Currently, Metatron is supporting El Cantare, Master Okawa., to guide Earth towards the Light in contemporary times (refer to p. 12 of this book).

There is an invisible war being waged today, and none of us are exempted from it. Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, to fight or to remain docile, we cannot escape it. It is the great war between good and evil described in prophecies, the war which will result in Divine Utopia or Hell on Earth.

The evil side of this war is not so difficult to identify. It is a nation with a history of human rights violations, an inability to accept fault, and a tendency towards geopolitical manipulation for nationalist aims: evil has incarnated through the medium of communist China.

Throughout Spiritual Messages from Metatron: Light in the Times of Crisis, Metatron explains and deciphers the specific strategies being utilized by China today to bring the remainder of Earth into submission. This is something important that separates the teachings of Happy Science from other religions. Happy Science teachings are bold and courageous enough to address the real problems of the here and now, however they manifest. Evil is not some abstract concept, in some faraway place. There is evil in the world today, and it is fighting for your soul.

There is hope, and there is light, however. We can all do our part to embrace and propagate that which is true and divine. By knowing one’s enemy, one can implement the best possible strategy of defense.

Those looking to understand the depth and nuances of how evil is incarnate in the world today should consider Spiritual Messages from Metatron: Light in the Times of Crisis a necessary read. Get your copy today, discover the true extent of how communist China is manipulating Earth towards its own nefarious aims, and discover how you can play a role in combating evil.