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Spiritual Message – Guardian Spirit of Stan Lee

Secular human history is not capable of telling us much about the ancient world. According to everything we have been taught, there is little to be known about what humanity was like 150 million years ago. If anything, humanity at such a time is usually interpreted as being barbaric and primal, a species without morals or order.

Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of Stan Lee

The Guardian Spirit of Stan Lee presents advice for character and plot development for the 2021 animated movie, "The Laws of the Universe - The Age of Elohim." Read Stan Lee's insight into the types of heroes needed for the Space Age, and the secret of his soul.

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What if there was a way to look far back into the past and see what it was really like? Ryuho Okawa possesses such an ability, and has depicted what earth was like 150 million years ago in HS production’s latest animated film The Laws of the Universe – The Age of Elohim (executive producer and original story by Ryuho Okawa).

This animated film provides the account of an incredibly important historical narrative, never before disclosed, concerning the manner in which God Elohim, who lived incarnate on earth 150 million years ago in today’s Middle East region, delivered the teaching of a universal justice code to all when human and different kinds of aliens were coinhabited. As you might imagine, the justice standards are quite different for all races; humans and aliens did struggle with different morality, and lacked the ability to distinguish between what is good and evil from the eyes of God. Back then the earth was facing a crisis of disorder and a new teaching from the God of the Earth was necessary to realign the earth and unite all earthlings, regardless of whether or not they came from earth or other planets, and establish the universal justice standard of the earth.

Do you have a strong sense of the difference between good and evil? Can you accurately and objectively define justice? How might the presence or lack of such views impact the earth today?

During the writing process of the screen play, spiritual messages from the guardian spirit of Stan Lee were received and implemented, and it turned out to be the last messages of this type received from Stan Lee while he was alive. Readers of Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of Stan Lee: Advice for The Laws of the Universe – The Age of Elohim are given an intriguing inside view of what went into the writing process for this production, as well as a deeper look at the details of the crisis that occurred on earth 150 million years ago at the age of God Elohim as well as the secret of the emergence of hell 120 million years ago following the fall of Lucifer, one of the Archangel and the twin brother of Archangel Michael.

Stan Lee’s guardian spirit made a point of emphasizing the concepts of good and evil, justice, the manner in which the manifestation of God’s teachings change with every Age, and more. Such are motifs that Happy Science and Stan Lee share in common, and remain incredibly relevant standards for humanity to realize, particularly in an era where so many people are confused by ideas of moral relativism and have forgotten that God provides the laws or guiding principles to bring progress of humanity with harmony based on love by which we are meant to live, even today.

In the final portion of the book the amazing secret of the true nature of Stan Lee’s soul is revealed. Read it and find out the reason why Stan Lee created so many heroes throughout his lifetime.

The image or archetype of the hero, which appears not only in Happy Science films and Stan Lee’s creations, but in a myriad of archetypal forms throughout human history, is explored throughout the book. Stan Lee’s guardian spirit states, “I think a hero is basically a part of God that appears in human form and has supernatural powers. So, I think Elohim Himself rarely ever fights, but those who are a part of Him do instead.” This profound statement, and the dialogue which follows it, sheds light upon the hero as a uniquely significant element of God of the Universe. Heroes are like gods, in a polytheistic sense, which serve as an extension of God, by fulfilling the holy mission to help God create the utopia on Earth.

Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of Stan Lee: Advice for The Laws of the Universe – The Age of Elohim is densely packed with valuable information, the importance of which cannot be overemphasized. It is highly recommended to read this as a supplemental text to the film, The Laws of the Universe – The Age of Elohim, as it helps to elaborate upon the incredible historical narrative.