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How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession?

World Teacher and Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa has been an important and outspoken critic of the manner in which the novel coronavirus has been handled by governments throughout 2020. His newest publication on the topic, How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession, is a straightforward approach to the difficulties that many people are facing today. Unlike other works that discuss the novel coronavirus, which tend to focus upon how life has changed, or which simply question whether it is a hoax, Ryuho Okawa provides a constructive overview for surviving and thriving during these times.

How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession

From the perspectives of both economics and health, this book delves into how you can survive the coronavirus recession. There is a strong relationship between your spiritual health and immunity, and Okawa demonstrates this mindset in depth.

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The work begins with an overview of the present situation. According to Okawa, there is an unreasonably high amount of fear surrounding the novel coronavirus. Much of this fear has been promulgated by the media, and by politicians who take every word spoken by epidemiologists as though it is sacred; such is despite the fact that influenza has statistically been responsible for more deaths than the novel coronavirus. It is recommended that people maintain a healthy sense of skepticism in the midst of these times, especially where considerations of work are concerned.

To work is to nourish the human need for activity, progress, and purpose. At present, many people throughout the world are being instructed to refrain from working, and to refrain from helping one another. Okawa emphasizes that people should not be afraid to work, and that the government is not going to save everyone with a magic solution. Unemployment rates in the United States reached an all time high in 2020 due to mandates for people to remain home, and such has had terrible consequences for many people; this will continue unless leaders, and the general populace of humanity, assume a more courageous and constructive attitude.

Many people are afraid of the novel coronavirus and Okawa reminds the reader that by faithfully adhering to certain divine principles, those fears may be relinquished. It is important, for example, to accept the lifespan that God provides to each of us. It is explained that viral infections are akin to spiritual possession; what the mind believes is what the mind will attract. It is accordingly that fear will attract what is feared, while a positive attitude will attract what is positive. The belief in any superstition can make it real, but to deny a superstition is to nullify it.

Within this work the dynamics of viral infections, allergies, and overall health are examined in a context that balances deep spiritual insight with conventional wisdom. Faith in God is the most powerful immunity available to us, but other dynamics, such as consuming antioxidants which support the immune system, exercising, maintaining a balanced diet, and practicing meditation are also important. Okawa thoroughly explains the dynamics of each in such a manner that the reader is provided with a comprehensive formula for developing and maintaining a healthy mind and body which is capable of conquering the challenges of this time.

Like many of Ryuho Okawa’s works, How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession is a work written in order to provide hope and constructive guidance to the world during tumultuous times. Readers who are unsure of what direction to take at the present time will benefit from reading this book, as will any who have been negatively impacted by the novel coronavirus. Pick up your copy today and discover how, despite apparent limitations in the world today, it is nonetheless possible to strive forward in your own divine mission.