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The Descent of Elohim

Elohim is a core consciousness of God and is a name that many of us know from the biblical book of Genesis. While Genesis provides an account of the creation of Earth, it is vague, and can leave us with more questions than answers.

What was Elohim’s descent to Earth really like? What would it be like to receive an explanation of this from Elohim Himself in our contemporary age?

The Descent of Elohim

Although it is generally believed that the human race appeared around 30,000 to 50,000 years ago, it actually has a far longer history. Can you believe that beings had come to live on Earth from other star systems and galaxies?

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The Descent of Elohim is one of the new publications from HS Press which provides an account of spiritual messages delivered directly from Elohim to humanity today. This is a very special book which provides us with answers about the true nature of Elohim, our ancient past, and the nature of Hell, as well as guidance for humanity today.

We learn early in this publication that it was necessary for Elohim to descend to earth in a physical body 150 million years ago as God of Earth. At that time there were many different Earth-born beings and space people living on Earth, and there was conflict due to differing opinions about the true nature of justice. While diversity had been a necessity in order to propagate the Earth prior to this, a universal standard of justice had to be taught by God for all beings so that order could be established.

Earth today faces a similar predicament. With so many standards of justice, with so many opinions about what is right and wrong, it can seem like we are living in an age of confusion.

Such is the reason why El Cantare, the same core consciousness or reincarnation of Elohim, has descended to earth in physical form today as Ryuho Okawa. We are in a crisis similar to that experienced 150 million years ago, and only God can guide us forward.

By learning about our ancient past through The Descent of Elohim and the recently released animated film The Laws of the Universe – The Age of Elohim, we are better prepared for the challenges of our present age.

In that ancient time, 150 million years ago, many different humanoid species existed on Earth. In addition to different types of humans, there were many types of space people. Readers may be surprised to discover that while we may all appear human today, many of us have descended from space people who adapted to the atmosphere of Earth long ago and gradually became implemented into the incarnation cycles of Earth.

The Earth now is far more diverse than most of us realize. It is not simply different human races, but different species, from different planets and star systems, that reside here in human form. Understanding this, and learning to acknowledge these differences in one another while embracing the equal precious quality called divine-nature within all of us regardless of external differences, brings us closer to the truth of the nature of Earth and our own unique purposes. It also indicates and emphasizes the need for universality and democracy despite our differences, and this is something that only God can teach us.

The Descent of Elohim is an incredible supplementary book to the recently released Happy Science animated film, The Laws of the Universe – The Age of Elohim. Get your copy today and discover the incredible mysteries of our ancient past which are as relevant today as they were back then.