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The Laws Of Messiah

Founder and CEO of Happy Science Group, Ryuho Okawa publishes The Laws Of Messiah, the latest installment of the annual “Laws” series on January 31st. The Laws Of Messiah will be available in 19 languages this year.

The Laws Of Messiah

What would the Messiah or the Grand Savior be thinking about now while looking at the current world and what would He say to guide people on Earth to bring individual happiness, as well as peace and prosperity to the world? Discover the true love of God and the ideal practice of faith.

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Throughout history, there have been periods in which humanity has undergone a clash of values and the way forward has been lost. During such times, God has sent a Messiah in order to deliver teachings and guidance to humanity which would serve as a guiding compass for present and future generations, as well as to protect peace on Earth.

Full page ad introducing The Laws Of Messiah is featured in the February 12, 2022 print edition of The Economist.

The world of today is one of great contention. Humanity has forgotten what is true vs. false, right vs. wrong, as well as what is good and what is evil. Materialistic values, propagated via cultural and economic Marxism, have become a near-global standard, which has resulted in mass-confusion. Totalitarian agendas are sweeping through the world and rapidly becoming actualized in practice. Spiritual values which serve as the embodiment of divine objective certainty have become replaced with chaotic secular ideals. These may very well be the darkest times that humanity has ever faced, particularly when considering the global scale upon which a truly sinister agenda is being imposed.

Just as a cold temperature attracts heat, darkness attracts light in due proportion. Such is the reason that the Grand Messiah, El Cantare, Lord God Himself, has incarnated to deliver guidance to all of humanity and show the way forward during this incredibly enigmatic turning point in history.

In order to protect the sacred nature of Earth, which is a training ground for souls, Ryuho Okawa explains that certain evil dynamics simply cannot persist. From the perspective of God, communism and materialism are absolutely and objectively wrong. Under communist rule, true prosperity is impossible, poverty is inevitable, and happiness is unattainable. Democracy must stand strong against totalitarianism in all its forms, which include political, economic, religious, and ideological manifestations.

However, a democracy is only as good as the values that guide it. A democracy without a solid and comprehensive sense of justice established in accordance with God’s perspective is a lost cause, and will inevitably fall into totalitarian tendencies.

All people living today must consider precisely what is guiding their hearts. There are decisions guided by human thought, which is limited, and there are decisions guided by the love of God. A moral compass which places faith in God at its center is the only path to ensuring that freedom is perpetuated for humanity, and that humanity chooses a path that is good and true.

It is time for humanity to reject materialism. It is time for humanity to cease engagement in holy wars which deny the will of the One True God, who is at the core of all religions and transcends all ethnic groups and nations. It is time for science and religion to be integrated, so that social developments may be directed by true morality rather than the evils of scientific materialism.

It is time for humanity to rediscover genuine spiritual awareness, and to allow this to permeate all aspects of life. Humanity must fight for freedom. The Laws Of Messiah provides humanity with the outline to achieve all of these things, to combat totalitarianism and materialism, and to establish utopian happiness throughout the world.

The Laws Of Messiah is available at all major bookstores nationwide and online retailers, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.