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The Laws of the Sun – Author’s Introduction

Life’s fundamental questions answered! Discover the true framework of the universe and the Truth. Learn how to improve the quality of our love and enlightenment to create a new era, the “Age of the Sun,” built upon faith in the Creator and a harmonious integration of spirituality with scientific advancement. In his own words, read Ryuho Okawa’s introduction to his seminal book, The Laws of the Sun.

Ryuho Okawa

In August 1986, one month after I handed in my resignation to the trading company I had been working for, I started writing the book you now hold in your hands, The Laws of the Sun.

Although I had previously published several compilations of spiritual messages through a small publishing company specializing in spirituality, I thought that I was not yet in a position to guide others, and in truth, I had only a vague idea of how wide the scope of our activities would become in the years ahead. I hadn't even decided what to name the spiritual organization I was going to establish. I was thinking about naming it "Happy Science," but when I told this to the publisher, I met with strong opposition. He said an organization with a name like that would never be successful, so we ended up parting ways. Fortunately, The Laws of the Sun spoke to a lot of readers, many of whom decided to join Happy Science. The fact that The Laws of the Sun, written twenty-five years ago, still remains the fundamental text of Happy Science shows that I had achieved a very high level of enlightenment at an early stage. Today, this single book underlies all of my teachings at Happy Science and serves as the basis for the more than nine hundred books I have published (* As of June 2012).

The Laws of the Sun is the first book that I wrote entirely using automatic writing. I simply held a pen in my hand and let it write the manuscript of its own volition, filling five pages every hour. The manuscript was exactly three hundred pages long, which means that I wrote the entire book in sixty hours. Not only was this an amazing mystical experience, but it was also incredibly convenient. I could write without having to use my brain, so apart from giving me stiff shoulders, this technique wasn't the least bit taxing. However, as Happy Science grew, I became increasingly busy, and soon I could not even spend the time needed for automatic writing. Now, I mainly publish books based on transcripts of my talks. Looking back, I see that The Laws of the Sun has irreplaceable value not just for its ideas, but also as my first handwritten book.

Another thing that makes The Laws of the Sun special is that it describes Creation much the way Genesis does in the Christian Bible, although in very different terms. The Laws of the Sun shows that the history of religion was actually shaped by Great Guiding Spirits and Angels of Light, who appeared throughout history to save the people of this world. In other words, all the world's religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as local and regional religions such as Shintoism in Japan, were created by Divine Spirits sent to Earth, by God, whom we also call Buddha.

All religions have the same roots. They may take different forms depending on the characteristics and experiences of the people who founded them, or the circumstances and eras the founders were born in, but fundamentally, religions should not be in conflict with one another or bring confusion to this world. Instead of suggesting that one god is better than another, The Laws of the Sun shows us that all religions come from one source, which is one of the most significant teachings in this book.

I also describe how different Grand Spirits have descended to Earth to bring about the rise of past civilizations that are often regarded merely as myths. I reveal the fact that ten spirits exist in the ninth dimension, and that they were responsible for guiding the civilizations of Ramudia, Mu, and Atlantis. Although I relied on my intuition to write this, I was able to verify the authenticity of this revelation: spirits from the ninth dimension spoke through me in 2010, answering questions posed by various interviewers, while the entire process was videotaped. During the course of these interviews, each of the ninth-dimension spirits revealed who they are, how they think, and how they contributed to the flourishing of these civilizations.

At the time I wrote this book, I had never given a public lecture and didn't have any experience as a religious teacher. I gave my first talk on November 23, 1986, the same year I wrote this book. It was more like a discussion session than a lecture, but in Buddhist terms, the moment could be described as "the First Turning of the Dharma Wheel" - my initial step toward fulfilling my destiny. About ninety people gathered to listen to my first talk. I was very nervous, so I spoke quite fast, but this experience prepared me for my first public lecture on "The Principles of Happiness," which I gave on March 8, 1987, at the Ushigome Public Hall in Tokyo.

When we first began our activities, I wanted to limit the expansion of our movement, since I didn't have the practical knowledge necessary to manage a large religious group. I was very cautious at the beginning. My plan was to first establish the foundational teachings, then create a good management style, and only at that point expand the organization. With this strategy in mind, I wrote the trilogy of fundamental teachings - The Laws of the Sun, The Golden Laws, and The Nine Dimensions (originally titled The Laws of Eternity) - and then created the basic style for managing our movement. From then on, Happy Science grew rapidly. Within several years, I was giving talks at venues that could accommodate audiences of well over ten thousand people. Several years after that, I was lecturing to fifty thousand people at the Tokyo Dome. The rapid growth we achieved was extraordinary.

Before the rapid growth and success of Happy Science, however, I spent five and a half years accumulating spiritual wisdom and practical experiences. During this period, I recorded and studied the transcripts of spiritual messages from various Divine Spirits and developed the basic teachings of Happy Science. While I engaged in these intense spiritual experiences, I also continued to work hard at my job at the trading firm. This was a period of great spiritual discipline for me, the equivalent of the six years Shakyamuni Buddha spent after he left his life in the palace before attaining his great enlightenment.

I attained my great enlightenment on March 23, 1981. On that Monday afternoon, I received a clear message from Heaven that awakened me to my mission on Earth. I felt that some invisible being was there with me trying to tell me something. I grabbed some blank notecards, placed them in front of me, and held a pencil in my hand. Of its volition my hand began writing "Good news, Good news" on the cards. When it kept writing this message over and over again and didn't stop, I asked, "I've got the 'Good news' message; is there anything else you would like to tell me?" But my hand still kept writing "Good news, Good news." That was the only message I received on that day. It was the gospel of God telling me that something good was about to happen, that a new beginning was coming.

At first, I could receive messages from Heaven only through automatic writing, but as time went by, I became able to act as a conduit for the spoken word as well. I learned how to let spirits use my vocal cords, allowed these spirits to engage me in conversation, and conducted question-and-answer sessions in which I played the roles of both interviewer and interviewee. In this way, communication with the spirit world became part of my everyday life, as it has been for the past thirty years.

The next revelation I received from a spirit in Heaven was "love, nurture, and forgive others." I learned that these words were to be essential to my teachings, and they certainly took center stage in The Laws of the Sun. Many people suffer because they feel they are not being loved. The root cause of this distress comes from their desire to receive or obtain love from others. But from a religious perspective, true love is not the love you take; it's the love you give to others. Awakening to the nature of true love is the starting point of enlightenment. Giving love is the basis for every truly religious act. In Buddhism, the concept of love is often taken negatively, as it has a connotation of attachment to this world. But the love I am talking about is closer to the Buddhist idea of compassion. Compassion represents giving, much like the sun that shines and constantly provides us with its light. Giving love is an act that expresses God's mercy on a human level.

Of course it's important that we love our friends and those close to us, but we should also love those with whom we do not have any direct relationship, and do so without expecting anything in return. I call this first type of love fundamental love. Fundamental love is the first stage of love, which is followed by spiritually nurturing love. Spiritually nurturing love involves more than simply being kind to others. It requires us to teach and guide them so that they can grow spiritually. It gives us the power to improve the world, to make it a better place. This is the type of love you encounter on your path to becoming a leader of great character-a path that requires wisdom. Loving others with wisdom is a step higher than fundamental love.

So good leaders give a spiritually nurturing love, but when they acquire wisdom, they also develop a strong tendency to distinguish right from wrong, and consequently to judge people. This is true of all of us to a certain extent. For example, the more we study, or the more knowledge we acquire, the easier it becomes to identify lack of knowledge in others. So when you develop nurturing love, at some point you will find yourself passing judgments. When a company president sees his employees in the workplace, for example, he may sometimes feel that they are being unproductive; he might think, "They shouldn't be getting paid for goofing off." This is because the president has much more knowledge and experience than the employees. The employees may not be living up to his expectations; however, they are still in the development stage, so he should not judge them to be right or wrong. He must know that he is supposed to teach and guide them.

This leads us to a form of love that is even higher than the nurturing love of good leaders. This higher love is represented by the word forgive in "love, nurture, and forgive others." This is a very difficult level to attain, especially if you are in business. To reach this state of mind, you must awaken to the Truth that all human beings have a divine nature, the essence of God's nature, within them. When you realize this, you will know that all people have the potential to achieve enlightenment through their efforts. They have been born in this world to undergo spiritual training on Earth. They are your brothers and sisters, and like you, they are struggling to improve their souls by overcoming the difficulties and hardships that they face during the course of their lives.

You will also realize that at one time, you were all souls in Heaven, and that just as you have all been born into this world, some day you will all leave this world. When you awaken to the Truth that human beings undergo soul training through the cycle of reincarnation, you will attain the state of forgiving love, which surpasses the notion of right and wrong. This is a deeply religious state of mind.

One example of forgiving love can be found in the novel Les Miserables. The main character of the novel, Jean Valjean, steals some silverware from the house of a bishop, but the police catch him and bring him back to the bishop's house. When the police officer asks the bishop whether Jean Valjean stole his silverware, the bishop rescues him by telling the officer that the silverware was a gift, and that he even asked Jean Valjean to take silver candlesticks as well! Forgiven by the bishop, Jean Valjean reforms himself and eventually rises to become a mayor. People who have attained a truly religious state of mind, like the bishop in the novel, have the power to bring change to the hearts of others and to reform their lives. Even those who are criminals or villains from this world's standpoint of right and wrong can turn over a new leaf and become worthy of respect. This is the power of forgiving love.

In The Laws of the Sun, I discuss a stage of love higher than forgiving love: love incarnate. This higher love is an expression of compassion that can be seen in the lives of those great figures in history who shined light into people's hearts and became the source of people's joy. These people brought happiness to the world just by being born and living on Earth. One example is Jesus Christ, who only lived thirty-three years but became a light for the world for two thousand years. Another example is Mahatma Gandhi, honored in India as the Father of the Nation, who successfully fought against the British colonization of India through mass civil disobedience, a non- violent method that made a great impact on the whole world. Abraham Lincoln is another example. His terribly difficult mission was to lead during the American Civil War, end slavery, and unify the United States of America. These people shine out like brilliant stars in the history of humanity. The love they exemplify is love incarnate.

The developmental stages of love-fundamental love, spiritually nurturing love, forgiving love and love incarnate-integrate the teachings of love taught in Christianity and the teachings of enlightenment taught in Buddhism. There are different levels of enlightenment in Buddhism. The Laws of the Sun shows how each level of enlightenment corresponds to a stage of love, a correlation that became part of the basis of the fundamental teachings of Happy Science.

Some of the contents of The Laws of the Sun may be difficult for someone who is new to my teachings, but it's not necessary to understand all the details. I will be glad for you to see the basic relationship between enlightenment and love, and to understand that in spite of all the tragedies that occur in this world, God has never given up on us; this is why He has sent numerous Divine Spirits down to Earth to guide and save people throughout history.

The present age is no exception. With a population on its way to ten billion, there is no way that God can sit still and not show us the path to salvation. Now is the moment for God's Truths to be taught and spread so as to bring hope and salvation to all who dwell on Earth. We are keenly aware that this is our mission and duty as a movement. I hope that you will read and enjoy The Laws of the Sun and find your way to making this world that we share as brothers and sisters into a better place.

The Laws of the Sun

Life's fundamental questions answered! Discover the true framework of the universe and the Truth. Learn how to improve the quality of our love and enlightenment to create a new era, the Age of the Sun, built upon faith and the harmonious integration of spirituality with scientific advancement.

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