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The Laws of the Sun

People often joke that there isn’t a handbook on life, but what if there is? The Laws of the Sun is a veritable handbook on life which demystifies our existence. Being simultaneously scientific and religious, it is truly the teaching for this and all ages.

The Laws of the Sun

Life's fundamental questions answered! Discover the true framework of the universe and the Truth. Learn how to improve the quality of our love and enlightenment to create a new era, the Age of the Sun, built upon faith and the harmonious integration of spirituality with scientific advancement.

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The delivery of these teachings to humanity was famously prophesied by Nostradamus in the following passage:

Venus striving for the law of the Sun,
Appropriating the spirit of prophecy.
Neither the one nor the other will be entertained,
Through the law of the Sun the great Messiah obtains.

The passage mentions Venus, the planet upon which the predecessor form of El Cantare, named El Miore, first created an evolutionary system of human-like beings within our solar system. Further, Ryuho Okawa, who was born on July 7, 1956 (the precise year in which the rebirth of Buddha was predicted to occur), shares the numerological correlation of the number seven being sympathetic with Venus.

One incarnation of El Cantare was none other than Hermes, who lived as a physical person in Ancient Greece. Nostradamus prophesied the return of Hermes, or one related to him, in Asia rather than Europe, in the following passage:

Expected ever will never return
In Europe, One of the league issued from the great Hermes,
In Asia will become apparent
And over all the Kings of the East will assuredly grow.

For those new to the publications of Ryuho Okawa (of which there are presently over 2,800), The Laws of the Sun is quite possibly the best starting point. Being the first book in the Laws series, this work provides an overview of nearly all of the teachings delivered by El Cantare to humanity.

These laws are for everyone. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and people of all faiths will find similarities with their own religious laws in this set of teachings. These laws are, however, greater than the sum of their parts. Rather than being an eclectic integration of ancient religious laws, The Laws of the Sun are a new set of religious and scientific teachings intended to guide humanity toward progress and the realization of a utopian civilization. A new Golden Age for humanity will be the result of these Laws being applied, and this will initially be experienced by the individuals who adopt them.

What if there is a handbook on life? Would you put its principles into action?

Watch the The Laws of the Sun animated film, released in 2000.