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The Rebirth of Buddha

The teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, given to humanity approximately 2,500 years ago, are akin to an infinite ocean of wisdom. However, despite the timeless Truth that is inherent to Shakyamuni Buddha’s teachings, they were nonetheless gifted to humanity at a different time and accordingly were suited to the people of that time. Perhaps this is one reason that the genuine meaning of Buddhism has been lost to most people today.

The Rebirth of Buddha

These are the messages of Buddha who has returned to this modern age as promised to His eternal beloved disciples. Once you start reading these passages, your soul will be replenished as the plant absorbs the water, and you will remember why you chose this era to be born into with Buddha.

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Many of us feel drawn to Buddhist teachings because the innermost divine part of us recognizes their significance, but upon studying them, many of us are likewise prone to become confused, and may even be misled by secular or otherwise incorrect interpretations of Buddhism.

Buddha is infinitely compassionate, and in recognizing how far humanity has strayed from the Truth, Buddha has reincarnated into the world today to provide humanity with a direct message that we can understand with greater clarity. The present incarnation of Buddha is none other than Ryuho Okawa, and The Rebirth of Buddha: My Eternal Disciples, Hear My Words is a beautiful body of teachings being provided to humanity today.

Written in a straightforward poetic style, much like a traditional sutra, The Rebirth of Buddha speaks directly to the hearts of readers by providing the core teachings of Buddhism in an easy-to-understand language that is tailored to practical matters and spiritual dilemmas experienced by all modern humans.

We all experience anger and other harmful emotions, we all waste time preoccupying our thoughts with irrelevant and vain matters, and we all ask ourselves what the best direction for our society truly is. Master Ryuho Okawa, the modern-day Buddha, delivers constructive guidance on these subjects and more, and always in a presentation that is simultaneously thorough and concise. Every word of this book is radiant with Truth.

In the preface of the book, Master Ryuho Okawa states …

This book is a must-have for all of you who undergo spiritual training. You must always keep it at hand. I am earnestly hoping that you savor it to the end.

The Rebirth of Buddha is indeed a book worth keeping close to us, for it contains wisdom that can help us to confront any and all difficulties that we may experience and teaches us precisely how we may endure, learn, and develop in the progress of our souls.