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The Road to Cultivate Yourself

The Road to Cultivate Yourself: Follow Your Silent Voice Within to Gain True Wisdom is among the newest publications from Ryuho Okawa, Master and CEO of Happy Science. This work, published with fortunate timing for the wellbeing of humankind, addresses common problems faced by modern people. A large portion of the text concerns young people in particular, who are perhaps most susceptible to the influence of negative external messages which all of us are constantly bombarded by, but the teachings and messages of this work apply to people of all ages and all walks of life.

The Road to Cultivate Yourself

Offers unchanging Truth in the ever-changing world, such as the secrets to become more aware about the spiritual self and how to increase intellectual productivity amidst the rapid changes of the modern age.

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In the first section of the book, Okawa makes the boldly honest proclamation that we are living in a time of stagnation. He provides examples of why this is in the form of a critical evaluation of the eroding of societal values which have traditionally encouraged progress and prosperity. Despite this critical tone, Okawa emphasizes the positive opportunities present in such a time, shedding light on the incredible spiritual training ground that we are living in and providing us with a clearly-defined path for success.

Notably, Okawa emphasizes the importance of learning to think for oneself by listening to one’s silent voice within. Guidance is provided with regard to specific areas of study that can be applied to our process of self-cultivation. The role of faith is also emphasized for its crucial role in our cultivation of progress. By living in accordance with these guidelines, we can choose to provide ourselves with an education and a system of values that is beyond the time that we live in. The potential for our personal development and cultivation of wisdom is endless, and by searching inwardly and generating the courage to reject the stagnant and disharmonious ways of the present world, we can learn to embrace our infinite potential.

Okawa shares treasured insights about his own youthful development throughout the second section of the book, including his difficulties in gaining credibility in accordance with his young age, a challenge that many young people face. While a common attitude amongst young people today is to garner a sense of resentment about factors such as this, Okawa shows us how these experiences offer us an opportunity to expand the scope of our knowledge, including learning about the “common sense” workings of our chosen industries, practical skills for navigating life strategically and patiently, and generating a healthy mindset which integrates wisdom, diligence, and realistic expectations. We likewise gain insight perspectives and approaches for maneuvering each step of our career in a way that maximizes our potential growth and acknowledgement. The guidance in this cannot be understated for its relevance, and anyone who reads and applies these principles will be prepared in ways that a majority of the workforce will not.

The third and final section of the book addresses pitfalls in the integration of spiritual values and practices. Points highlighted include developing a clear resolve in our ability to discern good and evil, focusing on the content of our inner-development rather than appearances, and discerning the precise nature of the spiritual awakenings that we experience, which are very easy to misinterpret without the proper insight and attitude. Okawa also shows us the importance of developing nuanced perspectives while simultaneously being resolute in what is good and true, which is wisdom gained by our spiritual alignments. Finally, the importance of humility is emphasized, and we are warned against allowing our spiritual progress and abilities to make us arrogant and overly selfish.

Throughout The Road to Cultivate Yourself, we are provided with insights from Ryuho Okawa’s own life, with its various trials and tribulations that he overcame. He uses these insights to demonstrate various points about self-cultivation, and likewise demonstrates a pervasively wise understanding of human nature which allows for them to be delivered in the form of universally applicable teachings. This is a book written from a place of altruistic love and an endless fountain of wisdom, encouraging us to transcend our apparent limitations and become happier people on a perpetual path of progress through self-cultivation.