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The Spiritual Truth about Curses and Spells

What comes to mind when you think of being cursed? For many, it entails dark rituals, sinister occultists, and sensationalized images inspired by the horror movies that have become commonplace in recent decades.

The Spiritual Truth About Curses and Spells

Curses are nothing special, but something that occurs in daily life; this is a Spiritual Truth. This book teaches how to protect from curses that bring unhappiness to yourself and others.

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What if we told you that, far from being strictly the domain of those involved with dark esoteric currents, curses and malevolent spells were something commonplace in our everyday life?

The Spiritual Truth About Curses and Spells: How to Get Out of an Unhappy Life is a new publication by Ryuho Okawa which details the manner in which curses and spells are not so far removed from our contemporary life as most of us might believe. In fact, you may be sending and receiving curses right now without even realizing it.

Have you ever looked at someone and felt jealousy? Has the success of another person ever felt deeply disturbing to you? Have you wished for the failure of others, believing that this would be the key to your own prosperity?

It is precisely these and other malevolent attitudes that give rise to curses. Simply speaking, it is to wish unhappiness for others in order to fulfill our self-centered desires. A brief reflection upon how often these attitudes are embodied by the average person is enough to indicate how prevalent the problem of curses truly is in the world, and it is made all the more worse by the denial that curses exist, which has allowed them to become propagated exponentially.

There are solutions, however, and Ryuho Okawa provides a thorough overview of precise measures based on Spiritual Truth, such as what kind of attitude we need to be mindful, and the ideal ways to overturn our negative emotions into productive ones for mitigating our propensity to curse others, as well as how to repel curses that are cast onto us.

Perhaps most profoundly, Okawa teaches us that one of the surest paths to overcoming curses is that of egolessness, as first taught by Shakyamuni Buddha. The true meaning of egolessness has been lost through time, however, but thankfully, Ryuho Okawa has restored the authentic meaning of this sacred teaching, which is to not to live a self-centered life, but to live in a sense of harmony with others through which both can spiritually grow.

The Spiritual Truth About Curses and Spells: How to Get Out of an Unhappy Life is available now at and Barnes & and is best experienced in conjunction with the new film, The Divine Protector – Master Salt Begins, coming to selected theaters in the US and Canada from Friday, October 21st.

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