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The Xi Jinping Thought Now – The War of Ideas

Many of us are familiar with science fiction movies which have depicted the battle for good against evil on a cosmic scale. What if we told you that such a battle is being waged here and now?

The Xi Jinping Thought Now

Reveals various unreported, hidden truths, including China's alleged intervention in the U.S. presidential election and the reason why the number of coronavirus infection cases differs depending on the country.

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The battle for the soul of humankind is a popular religious motif amongst the larger monotheistic religions of the world, specifically Christianity and Islam. All of us stand upon the battleground between the forces of good and evil, light and darkness. When we choose a path of self-reliance, independence, and faith, we align our soul with the former, while choosing a path of codependence and atheism will attune us with the latter.

The Xi Jinping Thought Now is a newly published Spiritual Interview conducted by Ryuho Okawa with the guardian spirit of Xi Jinping, the leader of China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Although *seven spiritual interviews with him have been published previously, this one is notable for being conducted during 2021, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CCP. (* In Japanese, four in English including this title.)

100 years later, much of the world has come to be shaped by the ideologies of the CCP and of communism in general. Such ideologies include the principle of dependence upon big government, the persecution and removal of religion, and the discouragement of individuality. Such ideas have become pervasive throughout much of Western Civilization and show little sign of slowing down. Make no mistake: this is a battle of thought, a war of ideas, and because thought is a consequence of the mind in its purest sense as the innermost essence of our soul, it is likewise a battle for the latter.

This battle is, however, multifaceted, in that it is also a battle between space-beings of various places of origin and with varying intentions. Within this book, it is revealed that Xi Jinping X is the name of the dark entity who influences the subconscious mind of Xi Jinping. X is an entity with apparent origins somewhere near the Andromeda Galaxy who’s battles there eventually lead him to continuing battles on earth. His intentions as revealed in this book are nothing less than to establish global hegemony over the earth, and then the universe. Communism is the perfect medium for his hegemony, as it has only ever been the power of religious faith that was capable of defeating his agenda in the past.

The book goes into great detail about the nature of Xi Jinping X and his plans for continuing to establish a pervasive influence and control over the earth. The geo-political strategies described in The Xi Jinping Thought Now are strong evidence for the validity of this spiritual interview for skeptics, as we can witness many of them in action and see the trajectories that they are following.

All of this poses the question: if you knew that malevolent forces were attempting to conquer and enslave your homeland, what would you do about it?

The first step would be to learn as much as possible about such forces. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What can we as individuals do to fight back and ensure the well-being of ourselves, our families, communities, and our nation? Following the conclusion of the spiritual interview, Ryuho Okawa states “This is the battle of our times. We must first fight a battle of ideas. We also have other ways to fight.” He then continues, “When materialism and atheism prevail, the devil’s scope of activity also expands. The advancement of scientific thinking alone must not be considered ‘good.’ Every human being not only has the ‘right’ to be happy but also the ‘duty’ to be happy. Darkness is certainly expanding, but Light is also trying hard to cut through it.”

Try to recognize how the influence of these ideas has pervaded your own environment. Are you or those around you embodying a sense of helplessness and dependency? It could be that you are being groomed to adopt the slave mindset that is being promulgated by the most negative agenda this world has ever known. Strengthen your mind and you can do your part to win the war of ideas.