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Trump Shall Never Die

Ryuho Okawa is often visited by the guardian spirits of world leaders past and present. Sometimes they seek spiritual guidance, and at other times they have a message that they wish to be conveyed to the world. Trump Shall Never Die, a new publication from HS Press, is an account of a recent incidence of the latter of these.

Trump Shall Never Die

Learn how former President Trump sees the global situation, and recognize how the world now needs true leaders who can think about world justice.

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One may wonder why the guardian spirit of an individual who is still alive would want to speak through Ryuho Okawa instead of simply stating their views openly to the world. There may be various reasons for this. One reason is that the individual in question may be preoccupied with other affairs. Another reason is that their guardian spirit, which is synonymous with their subconscious mind, is often capable of providing a clearer picture of their intentions, ideas, and knowledge.

As the foreword of this book indicates, Donald Trump initiated a period of safety and stability to Asia and the Pacific region. Such is contrasted with such events as growing uncertainty with North Korea, China’s hardline policies on Hong Kong and increasing pressures on Taiwan, and the military coup d’etat in Myanmar, all of which have occurred in the few months since President Biden was inaugurated. Many people were and are critical of Donald Trump’s unconventional and unpredictable approach, but it appears to have had a benevolent impact on geopolitical stability and safety.

This brings to question, should a president or leader of any kind be judged in accordance with their personality, or in accordance with the results that they accomplish? Such is a question that each of us should contemplate thoroughly in order to determine the types of leaders we want to look up to and become in life.

The observations and considerations made by the guardian spirit of Trump are myriad and thorough throughout the book. They include criticism of the human rights violations in China, concerns about the future of free speech in the United States, apprehension about growing trends of totalitarianism in free nations, and much more. These valuable observations derive from the perspective of one who has existed in the upper echelons of the business world and acted as a world leader, and they are worthy of our consideration.

One of many interesting points discussed in Trump Shall Never Die is the notion of there being six powers that can influence the United States. Most of us are familiar with the legislative, executive, and judiciary branches of the US federal government, each of which acts independently. However, many of us do not consider the influence of journalism, Hollywood, and foreign investors. With so many powers acting in similitude it is arguably a natural consequence that division within a nation would be a probable result, and the US is, at present, very divided.

We should carefully consider how the various powers that influence our nation also influence our personal lives. What parts of us are influenced by the laws and regulations established by the federal government? How have our views been shaped by the narratives shown to us through journalism and Hollywood? What percentage of powerful corporations in the US are controlled by foreign interests, and how does this trickle down into our lives? These are questions that we, as responsible individuals, should be asking ourselves. These are factors that all of us should be mindful of.

All of us, regardless of whether we choose to acknowledge it, have the responsibility to bring unity and freedom to our nation. This has less to do with identifying with specific political parties than it does with striving for what is right. As a final point of contemplation, let us consider what we are doing to bring justice to the world around us. If, through inaction or non-contemplative views, we have been part of the problem, that is alright. What matters is that we can learn from our past mistakes, correct them, and move forward in life.

Trump may return to his position as a world leader in the future, but we must remember that he is but one part of a greater movement towards freedom and justice. Let us all take responsibility for our role in making this world a better place for all of humanity, especially in these times of uncertainty.