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A new movie based upon the actual experiences of its executive producer, World Teacher Ryuho Okawa. It is set to be released only a short time following the book of the same name, which is highly recommended reading, as it explains in great detail that which is depicted in the movie.

The film, Twiceborn is a dramatic, inspiring account of how Ryuho Okawa, best-selling international author and spiritual visionary, came to recognize his miraculous mission and the obligation he carries to share the Truth with the world. The screenplay was written by Sayaka Okawa, who won the August Screenplay Honorable Mention in a Feature Film at the South Film and Arts Academy Festival for Immortal Hero (2019). The film stars Yoshiko Sengen, who won the Best Female Actor award at Monaco International Film Festival in 2020.

In July 1991, moments away from giving a lecture in Tokyo Dome, Satoru Ichijo is introduced to the masses as a person of "great charisma." As he descends to the podium, Satoru flashes back to a warm Spring day of his college graduation, when he first received a message from the spiritual world. From this day, Satoru maintained a harmonious connection with the beyond and journaled the wisdom of guiding spirits, while leading a normal life. As his business career progressed, Satoru is envied by his peers as an elite employee, yet he withholds from disclosing his supernatural abilities. With the support of his family, Satoru publishes his journals into books of "Spiritual Messages." Initially regarding himself as a terrestrial intermediary, he is introduced to his true essence as the Buddha reborn, imparted with a sacred mission to save humanity through delivering God's Truth. Without hesitation Satoru rises to his calling, yet his resolve is shaken by demonic temptations seeking to undermine him. In solitude, Satoru unswervingly chooses his mission as "Savior" and liberates from all attachments, including his loved ones. With earnest resolve, Satoru descends to the stage and addresses a crowd of over fifty thousand.


The incredible story of how Ryuho Okawa achieved enlightenment in order to become a Living Buddha and Modern-Day Savior. This book is shimmering with inspiring perspectives to improve your life. It is recommended to watch the live action film 'Twiceborn' alongside it.

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