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Finding Seeds of Self-Growth in Criticism

It’s hard to live a stress-free life if you are constantly criticized by others. No one likes to be criticized. But if looked at criticism from a different angle, you can actually find seeds of self-growth within the criticisms you may receive. For example, you may find yourself frustrated by the interpersonal relations with the people around you, but this in turn will help you develop into a better person. With each problem you face, lay the seeds to self-growth. In other words, the more you are criticized, the more you can grow.

As you become more successful, you may find that you are receiving more criticisms from people around you, even from those you may not hold a high regard for. But this simply could mean that people have high expectations for you or that you are responsible for an important job. For example, in our democratic system, ordinary citizens elect or reject distinguished people in elections. In other words, the premise of democracy is that even ordinary people, as a whole, can see the deficiencies, weaknesses and failures of someone who is more remarkable than them. These ordinary people may not be aware of their own shortcomings, but they can perceive the shortcomings in their elected officials. As the saying goes, “An outsider has the best perspective.” The more important a person you become, the more you will be criticized, even for things for which you were not previously responsible for. So you should remember and try to adopt the attitude that sometimes criticism can offer you perspective and further development. This is a way to living a stress-free life.

Consider this: The more you are criticized, the more you can grow.

Try this: Try thinking about other people perspectives. Instead of feeling hurt by criticism, try finding seeds of self-development.

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