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Finding the Miracle of Meditation

In pursuit of our dreams and goals, we may sometimes find that the harder we work the further we feel disconnected from joy and fulfillment. When everything else in life seems to demand our attention and we’re constantly pressured by time, striving to fulfill responsibilities, and struggling to resolve problems, moments of joy and happiness are prone to slip quietly past us. When facing times like these, practicing meditation can help us find our center and spirit of purpose again.

Day-to-day living demands many tasks from us and more often than not we are running around in a state of frenzy, working hectically to get things done. We’re far too intensely focused on what we need to do to notice that our unsettled mind is opened up to further pressures, worries, fears, and judgments that ultimately won’t serve our peace of mind or happiness. As a result, we let the chatter in our mind distract us from achieving our purpose in life.

Taking the time for meditation helps us gain an inner calm and serenity that halts the cycle of stress and opens our hearts to the light and wisdom within, bringing inner peace, mindful self-control, and a sense of purpose. Meditation builds this avenue to our divine self who possesses the potential, passion, necessary wisdom, and ultimately, the connection to higher worlds we need to guide us through our lives. We probably often think we’re too busy to find time for meditation. But the inner light we reconnect with not only helps relieve feelings of urgency and lets us savor stillness. It lets us gain deeper knowledge of our true self, devote our precious energy to what’s most important in life, make more meaningful decisions, and find oneness and compassion with others to enrich our lives. Meditation is not only a relief from stress, which is apt to be fleeting, but also the bearer of lasting, inspirational, and fulfilling guidance through our precious journey of life.

Read more about the benefits of meditation in The Miracle of Meditation and let it be your spiritual guide to deeper day-to-day bliss and mindfulness. You can also find out more about finding joy and discovering your authentic self in Invitation to Happiness.

The Miracle of Meditation

The true purpose of Meditation is to connect our soul with the wisdom of Heaven and recharge the divine energy within. This book is a practical guide for a variety of meditation types and reveals how we can heal our soul through 'proper' methods of meditation and lead a purposeful life.

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