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Finding Your Path to Living Your True Self

Have you ever wondered about who you are? I am not asking about your name, your nationality, or what you do for living. I am asking about the true essence that defines who you are. How would you describe yourself if you, one day, become invisible? How would you define your existence then?

In his book, The Laws of the Sun, Ryuho Okawa offers an answer to this question, and shows us why it’s important to know this truth.

“Human beings are essentially souls. When we die, the only thing we bring with us to the other world is our mind, the core of our soul. Only when we realize that the mind is all that remains can we change ourselves and take our lives more seriously.

If all we take with us is the mind, then we want to make the mind as beautiful as possible. What is a beautiful mind? It is a mind filled with love, a mind that can receive blessings from Buddha [God]. It is, in other words, a mind characterized by giving, nurturing, forgiveness, and gratitude. You must be endlessly passionate about bringing your mind to this glorious state by raising the level of your thoughts.

What, then, is the opposite of worldly attachment? Love. This is because love is based on giving. To truly love others is to let go of your impulse to cling to them, and to keep loving them without expecting anything in return. Giving love is where you must begin.”

If you want to improve your life and attain happiness in the truest sense, please ask yourself the following questions and think about what you can do to start living a life of giving love today.

  • What have you done for your parents, who raised and took care of you?
  • What have you done for your brothers and sisters?
  • What have you done for your friends?
  • What have you done for your girlfriend or boyfriend, your wife or your husband?
  • What have you done for the people whose paths have crossed your own during your lifetime?
  • Did you consider the sacrifices your own parents made when they were raising you?
  • Have you forgiven anyone you once hated or resented? Have you let go of your anger towards others?
  • How much have you been able to respond to Buddha’s [God’s] love, and as a result, how brave have you become in walking your path through life?

Excerpts from Chapter 6, The Laws of the Sun by Ryuho Okawa