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Four Tips for Overcoming Difficulties

We all have to face difficulties in life. It is just a part of our life that we cannot avoid. What should we do when we encounter difficulties in life? The following four tips will help you find a way out of adversities of life.

1. Never blame others.

When you blame others, you will stop making efforts and will no longer be able to improve yourself. You need to be determined to take responsibility for any hardships that you encounter.

2. Accept what fate has in store for you.

You may think you are at the lowest point of your life, but if you are at the bottom of your life, you can only rise higher. The moment you accept that you are at the bottom, you have to tell yourself, “I will not take this as it is. I will do something about it,” and think about what you can do to improve the situation.

3. Always learn from adversities.

Human beings are more inclined to learn from failure than success. If you inspect why you failed, you can often find factors that will lead you to success.

4. Never rely on the support of others.

Being independent does not mean ignoring or not cooperating with others. You would need other people’s cooperation in order to be successful. However, you need to make efforts and work hard on your own because this is the type of person that others would want to help. If you completely rely on others’ support, not only you will stop making efforts, but others will start avoiding you. It is important always to maintain the self-help spirit.

This article is based on a lecture on Invincible Thinking by Ryuho Okawa.