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God’s love

Throughout times, people all over the world have talked about love. Although love is invisible, we all intuitively know that it exists and is wonderful. One of the ways to express our love is through our actions. For love to reach others and overcome borders, we need to show our love to others so that in turn they can pass it forward.

Where does this love come from? It actually comes from God. Although God’s love exists everywhere around us, we are usually not aware of it, and so we take it for granted. With awareness of this great love, we can truly become grateful for the fact that we are alive and become emissaries that deliver His love to the people. Only with this awaken awareness, can we truly express our love to other people, whether at home, at work, in society, or anywhere in the world.

Try to discover the workings of God in our life and how God expresses His love throughout the world. Awakening to this great love that surrounds us will not only help us find love in the hearts of others, but also within ourselves. This is the moment when you start to live a life of contentment, fulfillment, and gratification in the truest sense.

Consider this: God’s love exists everywhere around us.

Try this: Discover the workings of God’s love in your life.

This article is based on The Starting Point of Happiness by Ryuho Okawa.