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How to Achieve Your Dreams, Part 2

In the last post, we thought about what we want to do with our lives and how we want to be remembered after we’ve passed on. The next tip requires effort, and that is to keep thinking about our dreams.

Draw your dreams within your mind

Let your mind pick up a pencil and start drawing your dreams and goals within your mind. You could also do it on real paper. Breathe life into your drawings. Let them come alive in your mind. Give your mind a paintbrush, too, and paint them in. Create multiple drawings so it will eventually become a movie within your mind. Envisioning our dreams coming alive takes a lot of thinking and imagination. Eventually, the images and movies we form within our minds will become the blueprint of our future, our destination.

Build a roadmap

When our destination is clear, the next step is to start building a roadmap. Turn on the Google map navigation of your mind, and continuously think, sketch, and paint your dreams. Our minds need us to know exactly what we want to happen, how we want it to happen, who we want to make it happen with, where it will be, and how we will get there, for them to draw our roadmap. The more vividly and more detailed that we can see it happening, the more likely we’ll achieve them.

Build a roadmap

Keep adding and revising your inner movie as you play them over and over for many months and years. With every second that we spend doing this, the closer we will get to our destination, because our minds are like muscle that the more we use it and exercise it, the more strength it will have to achieve our goals.