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How to Achieve Your Dreams

The first step to achieving our dreams is to decide on one. This could sound like a no-brainer. But choosing the dream that is right for you is the most crucial step you’ll be taking toward achieving it. While our strengths are good indications of what we will be successful in doing with our lives, this question could be far more powerful in the way you choose your dreams:

How do you want to be remembered at your funeral?

Those who were able to realize their dreams and achieve great things are usually remembered for the good they’ve done through their work for others and contributing something to society. The elementary school teacher is remembered for the nurturing love she gave to her students during their formative years. The CEO of a successful shoe brand is remembered for offering quality fashion to countless people and creating a business that provides thousands of employees and their families with a means of living. The skyscraper architect is remembered for designing a landmark that will last for decades, perhaps even centuries, that not only shapes the landscape of the people that live and work in that city, but also provides abundant space for residences and offices to thrive in. The mother is remembered for the selfless love and care with which she raised her children and the support and courage she gave her husband through good times and the bad. These are all people who made a difference in people’s lives in their own unique ways.

As imperceptible as their contributions may sometimes be, these are the things we will be remembered for when we’re gone from this world. So if we’re going to dream of achieving something, why not make it worthwhile? Why not make it something that we’d be proud of when we look down onto this world from above? Getting that raise, earning that promotion, buying that big house, and improving our quality of life is a great means of achieving our dreams. We can use the money from our raise to invest in things that improve us toward our dreams. Buying a big home can improve our daily comfort and give us more time and peace of mind to concentrate on our goals. But they won’t be remembered by anyone. They’re only a way to get to our final destination of lasting happiness. Why not make our dreams something that will become truly lasting when they’re achieved? And what’s more lasting than doing something that makes a difference in people’s lives in good ways, that remain in the hearts and memories of, even if not hundreds or thousands, at least a few.