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How to Be Successful: Grabbing an Opportunity When It Comes

You can’t always predict when an opportunity for success may come your way. Even if the opportunity presents itself, there is no way you can grab it unless you recognize it as a chance for you. What do you need to do to recognize and grab an opportunity when it arises?

First, you need to be able to make quick decisions. If you are too slow, you will most definitely let it pass you by. Secondly – and this is essential when you are making decisions – you need to be able to discard what you already have and be flexible to make immediate changes to adapt to this new situation. When you see an opportunity coming your way, you must be ready and have your hands free in order to grasp the chance.

When thinking about how to be successful, you may naturally ask what you can gain. But to be really successful, you should be thinking about what you can discard. In order to gain something new, you have to be ready to throw away what you’ve already accumulated. For example, when you enter a new school or start a new job, you may need to end some relationships. You may be forced to keep some distance from the people you used to study with, play with, or work with. However, if you do not do this, you will never be able to enter into a new world. Discarding old relationships is an experience that everybody has to go through at some point.

You may face all kinds of choices during the course of your life: which school to go to, whom to marry, where to work. Whatever it may be, when you reach a turning point in your life, you must be prepared to cast aside all you had gathered up until that point. This is how you can make a quick decision to take the opportunity and walk the path to success. Those who are successful in life are extremely quick to notice an opportunity when it presents itself, and is always ready to take it.

Consider this: To be really successful, you should be thinking about what you can discard instead of what you can gain.

Try this: Prepare yourself so that you can make a quick decision. Think about what you can let go in order to grab an opportunity.