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How to Get Out of a Slump

Everyone experiences a slump at some point in their life, and no one―not even the most successful people in the world – can avoid this period of stagnation. How do we overcome a slump? Here are three spiritual perspectives that can help you get out of slumps that you may experience during the course of your life.

1. Accessing Your Inner Self

The soul has a multi-layered structure, and its center is directly connected to the Cosmic God, the being who created the entire universe. You can receive boundless light, power, and resilience of God through the core of your soul. So if you want to get out of a slump, you should remember that your true self is filled with God’s light of wisdom, justice, courage, compassion, love, harmony, and prosperity. You have unlimited power within you. Visualizing this power will enable you to exercise your infinite potential. Although this light is constantly welling up and flowing like a mountain spring, when you are in a slump, you have blocked it with your limited view. You need to open the lid of your mind by visualizing this infinite power within you.

2. Educate your Mind

If you are stuck in a slump, it means you have unconsciously released so much energy that you are practically running out. In moment like this, you need to build your inner strength. One of the best ways to recharge your energy is to educate your mind. You can read books, write about topics that are of interest to you such as lyrics, poems or short stories. If you focus on accumulating your inner strength, you will get out of your slump before long. Take advantage of this creative opportunity and build up as much inner strength as possible when you are in a slump.

3. Practicing Selflessness

While in a slump, we tend to focus too much on ourselves and forget about others. During this period, make an effort to stop thinking about yourself; instead think about how you can bring happiness to others. Believe it or not, the best way to overcome a slump is to try to bring joy to others. Even if you are going through a tough time, don’t try to spread your pain, for you will eventually cause yourself even more pain. If you genuinely wish to bring joy onto others, the joy you spread will become your own. So try to bring happiness onto others even if you are suffering. With your own heart filled with pain and sorrow, it is all the more important that you give love onto others. As you start living a life of sharing joy and giving love, you will surely find yourself out of the slump.

This article was written based on I’m Fine Spirit by Ryuho Okawa.

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