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How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a treasure that money can’t buy and the key to living a happy life. But to achieve a healthy lifestyle, one must first understand the connection between body and mind. Your physical condition is a reflection of your state of mind. One of the primary causes of cancer is often stress, anxiety, and anguish. In our stressful world, it can be extremely difficult to maintain peace of mind. Our culture doesn’t support it, and we tend to push ourselves too much, without even realizing it. The results are often illness.

However, when your physical body becomes sick, you are also likely to develop a negative state of mind – fear, discomfort, despair, frustration, anger etc. – all of which may further deteriorate your physical condition. So it’s imperative to be mindful of this pattern and realize the power of our mind on our physical state. As Buddhism puts it, “In this world, the body and mind are one and inseparable – they are deeply interrelated with one another.” And when under great stress, we are less likely to remain connected in mind and body.

Proper nutrition, healthy exercise and sufficient rest are all simple keys to a healthy lifestyle. If your physical condition is deteriorating, reassess your habits and the cause of stress in your life to find balance. And most importantly, remain connected in mind and body so you can play an active part in your condition.

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