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Inner Peace and Happiness

When do you experience moments of true happiness? When do you feel inner peace? If you find that your mind is constantly wavering, it is probably because you are seeking external happiness instead of inner peace. To attain peace of mind, you need to listen to your internal voice and be true to your heart’s desire instead of letting external factors determine your happiness or unhappiness.

You may feel happy when you get a raise or promotion but should contemplate deeply whether that is really the happiness that your heart desires. The truth is, happiness can be achieved even without money, high status, or respect from others. True happiness is like a spring that wells up from within, and inner peace is complete tranquility within – a tranquility that cannot be disturbed by anything.

Although it has become increasingly difficult for us living in the modern age to experience such serene moments, you are missing out on great happiness if you are unable to attain a peaceful state of mind in your daily life.

If you wish to be happy, you must learn to maintain a calm state of mind, which is like a shining, polished mirror. Negative words and actions are like stains on your mirror. If your mirror gets stained, you will see your distorted reflection in it and think that you are stained as well. If your mirror gets clouded, you will not be able to see others and the world clearly. We need to remove the stains and polish our mirror of the mind every day by reflecting on our thoughts and deeds one by one.

In order to achieve happiness and inner peace, it is essential to keep the surface of our mirror clean and polished so that we can see ourselves, others, and the world reflected clearly and correctly.

Consider this: Have you had a moment of complete peace or tranquility today?

Try this: Take some time to sit quietly and remove the stains from your mind. When you feel serene, listen to your inner voice.

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