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Invincible Thinking: A Lifetime of Triumph

Invincible Thinking is the dynamite that opens a crack in the mountain of difficulties. Through “Words of Wisdom,” you can open your eyes and wake you up to the truth; through “Words of Truth,” you can uplift your mind and make you feel encouraged to live your life in a truly positive and productive way. By cultivating an indomitable spirit, you are liberated from the tethers of anxiety, and inspired to endeavor meaningful enterprise, self-development, and relationships that yield genuine and lasting happiness.

To preface, Invincible Thinking is not just positive thinking, it is a philosophy that incorporates the spiritual practice of “self-reflection” as a means to reinforce a mind-set of continuous development.

The purpose of self-reflection is to correct erroneous thoughts and actions, and to learn from them, thereby, creating a more constructive life.

Invincible Thinking is a mindset to surpass defeat and aspire to continuously improve yourself. You can triumph in your life if you diligently practice just a portion of this book’s universal teachings. Through Invincible Thinking, failure is celebrated as a catalyst for change – a chance to flip disappointment into success, adversity into opportunity, and mistakes into great accomplishments.

What I find personally remarkable, is the candid expression of the author Ryuho Okawa, who draws from life experience to frame how Invincible Thinking has transformed his attitude. Thus, inspiring him to accumulate a wealth of knowledge from inspired sources to edify readers on how to overcome perceived flaws and limitations.

To seed discovery, Invincible Thinking is organized into four chapters with subtopics that serve as contemplation points for self-reflection.

  1. The Source of Invincibility
  2. The Keys to Turning Your Perspective Around
  3. Essential Lessons for a Life of Triumph
  4. The Power of Invincible Thinking

To master this philosophy, it is recommended to follow the outlined progression; however, when you are in need of quick inspiration, the content is mindfully organized for selective guidance and reinforcement. With this in mind, I thought to highlight several of my favorite excerpts that our readers may find inspiring.

Physical appearance

  • Insecurities about our physical imperfections are a common cause of negative thinking. It’s a dilemma so universal that probably very few people, if any, would admit to having absolute confidence in their looks.
  • Physical flaws are a natural part of being human, so it doesn’t serve us to allow negative thinking to perpetuate the struggle with a negative self-image.

Financial situation

  • Many people feel frequently troubled my mental or emotional distress. As a matter of fact, 70-80% of mental and emotional problems can be solved by financial means. You may not believe me when I say this, but I can assure you that you can resolve 80 percent of the issues that are causing you distress right now if your income increases tenfold.

How you feel about yourself

  • Take a moment and contemplate the possibility that you are the one limiting your potential and capabilities. Are you letting past failures take over your life? Do you have a fixed image of who you are or what kind of person you should be? You will become the person you think you are, so you need to remove your self-imposed limitations and keep believing in the person you want to become.

Unhappiness, suffering, and pain in life

  • The ordeals that give us the greatest grief and despair are our most valuable learning opportunities, laid out for us much like the problems in a workbook. They reveal the unique purpose that this present life is intended to serve for our souls.


  • There are two essential secrets to succeeding in business. The first secret is to always anticipate people’s needs and make sure their demands are on your radar. Businesses start with a market need.
  • If we succeed in one area, we should not let it confine us. Instead, we need to keep tapping into our business’s potential by using the initial success as a springboard to achieve greater success. This is how we can continue advancing.

I have been practicing the teachings from this book for many years, and it has genuinely improved my outlook; notably, my perception of self and of others – a pure and clear understanding that is absent of delusion and judgement. As I discovered, if you live with an open heart and mind, you will feel nurtured to endevour a meaningful life that is inspired by endless motivation and joyful optimism.

Want to experience the power of Invincible Thinking first-hand? Use the concepts introduced in Three Lessons for Finding People Who Can Change Your Destiny to encourage family and friends to discover this inspirational read.

Ingenuity, invention, and discovery are all vital elements of Invincible Thinking!

Invincible Thinking

There is no defeat in life! "Invincible Thinking" is a dynamite or a mighty drill that bores through the solid rock of challenges and difficulties in life. A mindset of invincibility is the most powerful tool to transform any negative karma or circumstance into wisdom for the growth of our soul.

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