Ryuho Okawa’s lectures on FOX TV

Starting from August 7 @ 8:30 AM on FOX TV 5 NEW YORK, Invitation to Happiness an eight-part TV series, will be featuring Ryuho Okawa’s lectures to show how we can achieve happiness by learning the Truths and discovering the purpose of life. Tune in every Sunday at 8:30 AM for the next 8 weeks to embark on a journey to explore inner and outer happiness in the modern world.

Update - October 12, 2016

The complete eight episode series of Invitation to Happiness is available for streaming on YouTube.

Orig. Air DateProgram TitleStart TimeLength
25thSept. (Sun)
  • God is Never Silent
  • A macro perspective on life exploring God's presence amidst the chaos. Can we understand the will of God as people of the planet Earth?
18thSept. (Sun)
  • The Meaning Behind Illness
  • What if there are reasons aside from the physical reasons for illness? What is the connection or lesson behind illnesses?
11thSept. (Sun)
  • World Peace
  • Fifteen years after September 11th, we are still wondering how we can achieve world peace. Can we ever reconcile our differing visions for peace, justice and prosperity? Find out.
4thSept. (Sun)
  • Life After Death
  • What happens to us all after we pass from this world to the other? Equipping ourselves with this knowledge will help us achieve happiness both in this world and the next.
28thAugust (Sun)
  • Getting Rid of Negative Influences
  • Evil spirits are just souls of people with a negative mind who have passed on but can't find their way back to heaven. Understand what they are and how they work to protect yourself from being influenced by them.
21stAugust (Sun)
  • Building Your Future
  • Fate and destiny are not set in stone; your future is yours to build. The key to building it is to hold onto your hopes and aspirations for the future.
14thAugust (Sun)
  • Happiness Begins with You
  • We often think of happiness as something to search for. But happiness begins with you, every time, and in every single case. Here's how.
7thAugust (Sun)
  • The Purpose of Life
  • What if life is like a workbook of problems, and that certain person we just can't get along with was meant to teach you a vital life lesson, or even the purpose of life?

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