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Living Your Dream

Living your dream begins with dreaming of success. We are all given the power to dream so why not take this opportunity to dream of success? As a matter of fact, unsuccessful people dream of failing. When you think of yourself as a failure, you may think others have defeated you, but you have actually chosen to fail. On the other hand, winners dream of winning. Those who realize that they are winners can never know defeat. To always win in life, you must first recognize yourself as being a part of God. Knowing your true self as a child of God gives you courage. When you live with this courage, you will realize that the road to victory already lies before you.

As a child of God, it’s only natural that you aspire to be successful. If you are going to dream anyway, why not dream of winning? If you can embrace a big dream, it means that you have already won your first victory. But this isn’t enough. You need to keep dreaming about it constantly. You can only achieve success when you hold onto a concrete and long-held goal. Fleeting thoughts of ambitions are like the bubbles on the surface of a stream. They will form and disappear repeatedly without ever coming to fruition or manifestation. So it is crucial that we hold onto our aspirations.

To achieve success, always remember to keep dreaming good dreams.

Consider this: What do you dream of? Are you aware of what you are dreaming of?

Try this: Erase thoughts of losing and replace them with dreams of winning.

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