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Democracy Under God’s Truth

We all hold a right and duty to pursue happiness in both mental and material aspects. In, Love for the Future: Building One World of Freedom and Democracy Under God’s Truth, spiritual leader and political visionary, Ryuho Okawa, espouses that freedom, democracy, and faith are three essential principles for governments and citizens to follow and uphold.

Love for the Future

Ryuho Okawa presents concise solutions to global issues by way of his unparalleled spiritual ability. With this insight, Okawa urges freedom, democracy and faith to stand as the three pillars to individual happiness and world peace.

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These principles are vital to solving the spread of impoverishment, suppression of basic human rights, hatred, and the possible outbreak of a World War III. The right to freedom of individual thinking, speech, prosperity, and faith have been given to each of us by God. As His children, we hold the power to defend these rights and have the responsibility to build peace and justice throughout the world, especially in times of crisis. In Love for the Future, we learn where God's justice lies and the divine love with which He is trying to guide all people to a righteous and brighter future.

Comprised of two parts, the first half is a compilation of 3 lectures and Q & A sessions from Okawa's international lectures in a verbatim style. Throughout them, he outlines the steps that the world needs to take NOW, as we face China's single-party dictatorship - which is suppressing human rights - and its growing military expansionism.

Part 1

Okawa's Global Missionary Tours

Chapter 1, titled "Love for the Future," was a lecture and Q & A session that Okawa gave, in English, in Berlin. In these talks held in October, 2018, Okawa gives his overview of Nazi Germany's past and imbues forgiveness and hope into the hearts of the Germans and other Europeans in the audience. Pointing out the threat of a new totalitarian state, China, Okawa discusses the importance of spreading the values of freedom, democracy, and faith to China to prevent the outbreak of World War III.

Chapter 2, titled "The Fact and the Truth," was an English lecture and Q & A session given in Hong Kong in May, 2011. This day, Okawa encouraged the people of Hong Kong to lead the democratization of China, eventually making this talk a historical event that became the philosophical cornerstone of the Umbrella Revolution that occurred a few years later. This lecture has gained even more significance now after 2 million Hong Kong citizens banded together in protest of China's proposed Extradition Law.

Chapter 3, titled "Love Beyond Hatred," is the English translation of Okawa's lecture and Q & A session in Taiwan, held in March, 2019. He discusses the righteousness of Taiwan as an independent nation and advocates that the spread of Taiwan's freedom, democracy, and prosperity throughout mainland China will bring happiness to the Chinese people for, in a democratic country, the people are valued as the purpose, not the means. He asked the global community to overcome past feelings of hatred, and practice loving each other to help one another prosper. In addition, he insists on the need for the United States, Japan, and Taiwan to combine their strength to protect the freedom of the Indo-Pacific region.

At the conclusion of this chapter there is an excerpt from another lecture held in Taiwan, in 2008, discussing the true purpose of a democracy from a religious perspective. The basis of human rights, Okawa says, originates from the Truth that all people are children of God, and a true democracy values the happiness of each citizen in a mental and material sense.

Part 2

Interviews Accessing the Subconscious Thoughts of World Leaders

To help deepen readers' understanding of the current global situation that we face, part 2 is a compilation of spiritual interviews that Okawa held using his unparalleled spiritual ability to access the true beliefs and plans of four of the worlds' most influential leaders - Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, and Donald Trump. Revealing the actual national and international strategies behind their public stances, these spiritual messages testify to the urgency and importance of spreading the ideas in part 1 to this modern world.

Spiritual Messages

Spiritual messages are a form of spiritual journalism, completely original, unprecedented, and pioneered by Okawa. Through his spiritual abilities, the same abilities as Shakyamuni Buddha's six supranormal powers, Okawa has summoned the spirits of those no longer alive or the guardian spirits (their subconscious) of those still living, freely at his will in front of an audience, to record and publish their words. Over 500 titles of these spiritual messages have been published, eloquently revealing Truths about the spirit world that none before in history has ever proved or accomplished to this extent. Further details can be read in the section, "What Are Spiritual Messages," in the end pages of this book.

Throughout Love for the Future, Okawa reveals the spiritual Truths of humanity's universal principles, the true dignity of all people, the solutions to our global problems, and the love that God bestows to all people beyond differences in race, nationality, and religion. Readers will experience the higher purpose that God gave to politics, philosophies, and global religions, and that His love will lead humankind to a future of hope. We publish this book with the hope that revealing the divine purpose behind freedom, democracy, and faith will inspire readers to consider decisions that will avert global crisis and create peace and prosperity for the world.

About the Author

Ryuho Okawa founded the Happy Science Group 1, a spiritual movement with followers from more than 100 countries. Also, an international best-selling author and World Teacher, Okawa has been a best-selling author in his home country of Japan for 28 consecutive years. A native of Tokushima prefecture, he graduated from the faculty of law at the University of Tokyo and soon after, he attained great enlightenment - awakening to his mission of bringing salvation to humanity. This gained him the supranormal powers, granting him the ability to communicate with countless spiritual beings and explore the multidimensional spirit world. While honing these abilities, he worked for five years in finances at a prominent Japanese trading house, as well as in their headquarters in New York. After resigning in 1986, he founded Happy Science to dedicate himself to the happiness and salvation of humankind.

Okawa has given over 2,900 lectures, throughout Japan and 15 countries, predicting Donald Trump's presidency 2 in his October, 2016 lecture in New York City. Okawa has published more than 2,500 titles and served as executive producer of 18 films, including the animated feature film, The Laws of the Universe - Part 1, which won several international film festival awards.

  1. Happy Science Group includes IRH Press Co., Ltd., Happy Science University, the Happy Science Academy, the Happiness Realization Party, the New Star Production Co., Ltd., and others.
  2. See chapter 2 of The Trump Secret. [Ryuho Okawa, The Trump Secret (New York: IRH Press, 2017).]