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Love Is Like the Wind

Have you ever wondered if angels really exist? Most of us cannot see spiritual beings that exist in the other world, so it’s probably difficult to say with confidence that they exist. But in reality, angels do exist, and they make efforts, day and night, to bring you happiness. Try to put yourself in their shoes for a moment.

Imagine that you are doing everything you can to comfort someone in his sorrow, encourage someone who lost hope, and guide someone so that she will choose the path to happiness. But they don’t see you. Because they don’t even know that you exist, they are never grateful to you. Would you still be able to keep giving love? Would you still be able to pray for their happiness? This is the love of angels – a love of devotion, a love that gives, a selfless love. It is a love that does not expect anything in return. Just like the wind, Angels’ love blows through the world. It is invisible, but people can feel it when it passes by. Angels will not stop their activities, even if people in this world do not recognize what they do, even if people deny their existence. The work of angels is nothing other than love itself.

Consider this: Imagine what you would do to help others if you become an angel.

Try this: Give love, not in a way that people will notice, but in an invisible way that no one will ever know.

This is based on Ryuho Okawa’s lecture, Love Blows like the Wind and chapter 4 of The Nine Dimensions.