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Overcoming Inferiority Complex and Loving Your Self

Everyone feels inferior sometimes. Each and every one of us has our own share of worries. But someone who is fighting an inferiority complex is like an octopus caught in an octopus pot. Octopuses could get away from the fisherman’s pot if they simply crawl out of it, but believing that danger awaits outside, they cling desperately inside the pot. They are completely unaware that the place that they are seeking safety in is really the most dangerous place they could be. This is the exact situation people who suffer from inferiority complex are in. They don’t want to get hurt, so they crawl up inside the hole of their own making, thinking that they are safe as long as they stay inside their own world. But if they want to free themselves from these feelings of inferiority, they need to make up their mind and leave the hole.

Ask yourself, “Is there anyone who has gone through the same problems that I am having right now? What can I learn from those who overcame their inferiority complex, and what can I do to change the way I look at the situation?”

Often times, you will see a way out by changing the way you look at yourself. Simply comparing yourself with others is never going to reconcile anything. You need to change your perspective and try to discover the wonderful and unique you, the authentic self, and start loving yourself for who you really are.

You will also find that you too can help others who are experiencing the same issues if you have found a way out of your own problems. The truth is that when you turn your attention to other people’s worries, focusing on how you can help them, you will no longer worry about yourself. If you have overcome your negative feelings, there will surely be numerous opportunities for you to share your experience with others. That is when you can truly feel proud of yourself and discover self-love in the truest sense.

Consider this: If you want to free yourself from the feelings of inferiority, you need to make up your mind and leave the hole of your own making.

Try this: Discover the wonderful and unique you, the authentic self, and love yourself for who you really are.

This article is based on The Power to Influence by Ryuho Okawa.