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Rising From Failures

Disappointments in ourselves, whether it’s when we failed at something, made a mistake, went through a setback, or faced an adversity, may leave behind a heavy feeling of discouragement in our hearts. We try to fight or ignore them but the sorrow and dread doesn’t go away. But there’s a sure way to bounce back from failure and move forward. It begins with seeing yourself and the situation in a new light.

Love Your Life As a Workbook

Life is a lot like a workbook of all kinds of problems that have been laid out for us. These problems look dreadful when we’re in the middle of doubting ourselves and going through difficulties. But if we stepped back, took a deep breath, and looked at them from a different angle, we’re most likely to see that they were actually valuable blessings. Appreciating these assignments of life as precious gifts is the secret to living positively and successfully every day.

You Are What You Think

Let’s be honest, failures and setbacks hurt. But the human mind is far stronger than the pain we feel. The power to choose what to think and feel is within our hands. The pain itself is never powerful enough to have control over us unless we give it permission to. Believing that we have complete freedom to decide how we perceive a situation is the first step in seeing things in a new light and changing our way of thinking.

Emotions that accompany pain like disappointment, frustration, self-doubt, anger, envy, and resentment are just illusions. They are never a reality until our thoughts let them become a reality within us. They cloud our ability to see the seeds of a solution, the answer, or a bright future within the situations that are causing the pain, and that’s how we keep staying stuck in our emotions.

Believe that Failures, Mistakes, and Setbacks Are Positive Things

Failure is positive. How? Because it’s the way we were meant to learn. Figures in history who are remembered for their achievements always went through hardships and failures to get there. Failure was an imperative part of their learning process. It taught them about themselves and what doesn’t work, and this learning and improvement got them to their accomplishments. In Abraham Lincoln’s words, “My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure.”

Look At Life As a Whole

Life’s workbook has easy problems as well as very challenging ones that take time to solve. Many times, we’ll even get them wrong at first. These good times and tough times come and go through cycles in the ever-changing flow of life. In the midst of a failure, it may feel like it’s the end of the world. But I promise that it never truly is. Take a step back from the disappointment and look at the many decades you lived so far as a whole. There were times when things were not too difficult and things went well. There were other times when you faced an overwhelming challenge, but you made it through. This is the beautiful life of many years that defines you, not the one sad moment on your timeline. You and your life deserve your love and appreciation for all its good aspects, efforts, and accomplishments.

The Difficult Times Are the Most Memorable

Be in the present, and embrace the difficulties. Most often, it’s not the easy times that are most memorable to us in life. We feel the most pride and happiness in the effort and accomplishments we made through the tough times. Even if we didn’t achieve success and we went through many mistakes and failures, we can still feel proud of the effort we gave it especially if we know that we were giving it our best. It’s the experience of being challenged, fearing the outcome, and feeling vulnerable, that truly makes us grow as a person. It’s painful but this pain transforms into the inner strength that makes us who we are. It develops in us the courage to face the future and keep going in life.

Everything Has Meaning

No matter how unfair and difficult life can get, it is so empowering to believe that there is meaning and purpose in everything that God created and lets happen. There is purpose to everything. And this purpose is always filled with His love for us. His love isn’t necessarily to give us an easy life, but a worthwhile one full of opportunities to grow as people. He gave us our unique workbook of life to help us find happiness within inner strength, so we can grow an inner love and wisdom that can spread this beautiful happiness to others.

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